2-Minutes To 30% More Income? (Try This)

The right leverage applied at the right time can be life-transforming!

I’m going to give you a slightly “advanced” lesson on leverage today. 🙂

You may not be at this point in your business, yet.

But you can be in the next 30 days.

And this one “trick” that just takes a couple extra minutes each day can boost your earnings up 30% or higher.

Nice for leverage, right?!

And that’s my key point here.

So here it is…

Let’s say you’ve poured your heart and soul into an email.

At the end of the email, you make an offer to your list. They can take you up on it, or not. Either way is OK by you as we’re not in the forcing business here.

So you click send.
Out to 1000+ people it goes.

300 see it and open up.
10 invest in your offer.


What do you do from there?

What about the rest that didn’t see it?

Maybe they glanced at the subject line and meant to get back to it later, but, you know, life happens and they forget.

Or maybe they didn’t see it. They were at work, school, busy with their life.

So, here’s where leverage comes into play.

Simply log-in to your account (super easy) and resend to unopens…

Why NOT do this!!
There’s ZERO downside.

Maybe the first email was sent out in the AM.

Send this one out in the PM.

You can tweak the headline a bit.

I can go deeper here on “strategy” but the point is, this 2-minute ritual can increase your profits 30% and higher!

That is the power of the CORRECT type of leverage applied to your business and life at the correct time.

Same thing with finding the time to apply the leverage…

===> With a proven system like this

==> http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=10&aff_id=359928

You can do it in less than 30 minutes a day!

And if you can find the time for that?

It can mean an additional $10K plus per month headed into your accounts.

Nice, right?

The COST of not doing that is the same as not sending a great email to people that didn’t read or open it…

*Lost income and fulfillment.
*Lost opportunities to work less.
*Lost opportunities for freedom and travel.

When you find leverage, I say use it while you can!

Joseph Smith

PS After you’ve logged-in and have went through module 1 just minutes from now, just make sure you apply the leverage this systems provides, and let it work FOR YOU, deal?

===> Yes, I’m ready!

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