Even With A Proven System You’ll Need This

Feels like you’re procrastinating, but that’s not the real issue here…

Simple as this business can be, especially if you’re following

===> a proven system like this one…

You’ll still be faced with doing a few things that’ll take some effort and grit for you to get it done.

Even if it’s just pushing through a few mental barriers to starting.

To get your first ad up. To get your first 100 subscribers.

To break through your first $10k month.

To take ANY first step really…

So, here’s something you can keep in mind in these sorts of scenarios.

Comes from a highly-successful early stage investor in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter, just to name a few…

Remember this one thing when the going gets tough:

“Tonight, I will be in bed.”


That’s it.

See, we often intensify what is in essence, a few minutes of discomfort to start something, or even if it’s a few hours.

Whatever you’re going through is temporary.

Just have to push through and do it.

Whatever it is, no matter what, tonight, you’ll be in bed.

All is OK.

You’re alright.

Sleep and a new day is on the horizon.

Cool little strategy, right?

Hope this helps!

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You’ll have to follow the steps each day, and it won’t take too long or be too hard to do.

But whenever it pushes you a bit out of your comfort zone and routine?

Remember, tonight, you will be in bed. 🙂

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Joseph Smith

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