$10K Months Is Simple But Not Easy

Can be hard with busy schedules, I know!

Many millionaires and high-achievers have been studied over the years.

And a common success trait that the unsuccessful didn’t have?

Delayed gratification.

It may seem small, yet it’s the small things, day in and day out that makes one successful.

The mistake is in looking for, and thinking it’s this one great big thing that we keep missing out on.

And here’s the thing with delayed gratification…

We’re all busy, right?

We work jobs.
We have families.

There’s chores to take care of around the house.

So it can be a hard decision to make.

I get that.

Do I make the time and work for 30 to 60 minutes a day on my business?

Delaying the instant gratification and convenience of sitting down and watching TV?

Or, do I cave in, yet another night, and get some immediate pleasure?

It’s just that usually the immediate pleasure is very brief, and not very fulfilling.

An expert in this area, Winifred Gallagher says, the payoff will be much greater if we decide to do the harder thing in the moment.

To pick up the guitar and learn a new song. To go exercise rather than plopping down on the couch.

To spend the time to build a new business on the side…

But, she says we have to summon the motivation to get over the hump of our initial inertia and focus.

Otherwise you may just settle for the temporary, instant gratification.

Which is the equivalent of junk food.

So, there’s a cost of doing what we truly want to do, and a cost of not doing it and sticking with what seems more comfortable.

And it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves which path we will take on a day by day basis.

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Joseph Smith

PS What helps here even more? Know your big WHY. Imagine yourself 6 mos.
in the future.

What type of lifestyle would you love to have? How much would you be earning?

Where would you live and travel? How could you contribute more and help others?

Keeping your biggest why in your mind at all times, even printed off and in front of you, set as the homescreen on your computer and phone..

It can help you push through the initial inertia and do what’ll truly gives you the results and fulfillment you want.
===> Ready to begin?

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