Can You Embrace Challenge? (Income Tip)

This means you’re all the way in.

AMOR FATI- is a latin term that basically means “love of one’s fate”.

To accept the events or situations in one’s life, and to even thrive in them.

Whatever you’re going through…

Think of things like this…

What happens when you throw something in a scorching hot fire?

Junk, trash, good, bad, terrible, it simply becomes fuel for the flames.

It burns stronger and brighter.

Give it all you’ve got!!

A powerful thought?

Is when we live like a fire.

Everything we experience is treated like fuel and makes us that much stronger.

“Amor Fati!”

Building an online business, like anything worthwhile, will have it’s challenges and ups and downs.

Use it all as fuel.

Because the only way up, is to figure the next step out, and to just keep going and going.

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It shouldn’t take you long, and you’ll be ready to do this, okay?

Time to go blaze some trails!

All the best!



Joseph Smith

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