Is Procrastination Holding You Back? (Know This,Do This)

Procrastinating? Doubting ourselves? It is all a part of this glorious game of life.

It can be all too easy to take successful people of their craft, and hold them up high on a sparkly, bedazzled pedestal.

Such as actors, star athletes, millionaires and billionaires, famous musicians and so forth.

We may begin to think they have superpowers, or luck that WE don’t possess.

Nor ever will.

Yet, here’s the glaring reality I’ve come to realize lately…

These folks?

Odd as it may seem.

They are just. like. us.

They’re procrastinators.
They’re depressed souls.
They’re busy as bees.
They’re sick.

They’re dealing with “stuff.”

Their life is messy too.

The difference is?

They accomplish big goals DESPITE these things.

They’ve realized:

WHAT you do, is more important than HOW you do it.

Like chasing your dreams and achieving them, even though you may be dealing with every challenge under the sun, and are far, far from perfect.


I’m not sure where you are at?

But I take it you’re just like the rest of us.

Take heart.

All the “big wigs” are just like the rest of us too.

Whatever worthwhile goals you may be chasing right now?

You got this.

Moms, students, retirees, “procrastinators” and super busy people alike? They are all doing very well with this system right now…

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Joseph Smith

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