Discipline Equals Freedom & Success

A little bit of focus can result in up to $5k, $10k and up months…

John D. Rockefeller started from humble beginnings.

He grew up in a clapboard house, and helped work the family farm as a boy.

In school?

He was known as very “average”. Not a standout or star student.


By the time of his passing?

He’d become the wealthiest man on. the. planet.

What was his secret?

Notice this key principle he accredits to his success:
“I would rather be my own tyrant than have someone else tyrannize me.”


Why would he call himself that?

Because, he knew…

To achieve great success with ANYTHING, it will require a good deal of self-control.

He’d need to be a tyrant over his time. Where he’d focus.

Doing what he needed to, day after day.

However, to him?

This was a much better option than being a victim to the tyrants of life.


No control over his future and destiny.

He paints a picture of truth.

Easy as success CAN be. You have to be a tyrant over yourself at times.

That’s what makes the difference between someone still in a bad lot in life.

And someone making things happen.

For example, being a “tyrant” for just 30 to 60 minutes a day, can get you up to $10K months.

It can get you in great shape. It can build great relationships.

(e.g. Being a “tyrant” about never missing a weekly date night, or play date with the kids.)

But, you HAVE to use self-control.

To avoid TV, email, any distractions.

Most are just too busy to catch on to this little secret to success.

But not us.

I’m not sure…

Are you open to a plan that shows you how to spend as little as 30 min. a day and get up to $10K months?

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Joseph Smith

PS This can send you WELL on your way over the next 30 days, with just a bit of focus and “tyrannical behavior” sprinkled into your life. 🙂

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