Your Perfect Day? ( Q’s For You ! )

Dreading the alarm clock and the bumper to bumper commute to the J-O-B?

Do you view your work as a labor of LOVE?

Or do you view it as something that is laborious?

Big difference there, isn’t there?

Where do you think most folks are?

Yep, most dread their work. They hate the negative environment and people they have to be around for 40 plus hours of their weeks, every week.

They count the minutes down to 5 o’clock.

They count the hours till the weekend.

Dreading when the Monday morning alarm shocks them awake and back to their j-o-b reality.

Back to bumper-to-bumper traffic and URGENT deadlines.

It’s interesting…

Many think of a different life, yet they usually dream of their ideal lifestyle to the ultimate degree.

Mansions and Yachts, and luxury vacations.

That’s nice and all, but…

I think that sometimes puts them out of Reality?

I think it’s better to conjure up thoughts of your PERFECT DAY.

Just an “average” day in your life.

If you could live the perfect, average, day to day life for yourself, what would THAT look like?

When would you wake up? (preferably with no alarm!)

Would you roll out of 100% egyptian cotton sheets, your feet hitting the ground on your dream flooring, maybe a nice hardwood, or a recycled bamboo?

Would your coffee already be brewing, with 100% organic Colombian waiting for you?

Would there be a 8’ commute to your workspace? (Could be the kitchen table, or a coffee shop around the corner?)

Would you be done with “work” by noon, so you can eat lunch with friends, staying active with a post lunch swim or jog?

Have friends over for dinner and wine?
Or just keep it to you and the family?
I’m not sure what this is for you?

But I do know our DAY TO DAY life takes up MOST of our life, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to design our days the way we want them to be?

And the cool thing is, many of these things we can set up for ourselves, right away. Right now.


I can’t help with everything here, but if earning a decent income, part-time, so you’re done by noon…

And can live the rest of your day as you like sounds like something you want to set up for yourself…

===> Then check this out, asap

It may help. 🙂



Joseph Smith

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