Too Much On Your Daily Plate ?

Want additional income, but where will you find the time?

We often hear the phrase, “I’m too busy.”

In fact, being too busy is worn as a badge to many! (They wrongly think the opposite of busy is lazy.)

However, the problem here is it’s all too often used as an excuse. An excuse that holds many back from getting what they want out of life!

…It’s kept many stuck, living paycheck to paycheck, sick, tired, and drained of energy on a day to day basis.

Many are overwhelmed, riddled with anxiety, and are forced to drink or take up some other vice just to cope.

That’s no way to live.

What I’ve experienced?

Being BUSY is a decision.

It’s shorthand for not important enough and not a priority right now.

For example…

Many say they’d love to add another income stream.

But they may view extra sleep, watching Netflix, or other things as more important, because they’re doing THOSE things over building up their side-business an hour or so every day.

If it was a PRIORITY, they’d find a way to get it done, and they’d drop the “I’m too busy” excuse.

Because here’s the thing…

We never find the time.

We have jobs, life, families, and sometimes unsavory circumstances thrown upon us that we didn’t ask for and don’t deserve.

That’s what author Byron Katie calls “WHAT IS.”

It’s reality.
In all its beautiful bluntness.


We must MAKE the time for whatever is most important to us. Whatever that is.

One thing that may help?


Setting up bricks and walls around whatever it is that you want to get accomplished.

It’s amazing what setting up even a 30 to 60 minute structure or routine around building a side-income can do for someone.

Walls of protected time, for YOU.

If you can set up a sacred time to work on your business each day, and can MAKE the time for that?

…Even with just 30 to 60 minutes.

You can earn an extra $20K to $100K or more over the next 12 months. You can get what you want and deserve for yourself.

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Joseph Smith

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