Think You Can’t Get Big Commissions Too?

$1K+ sales don’t require special skills.

I know it can be hard for some to think they can start getting big commissions in their side business.

“$1,000 to $10,000 commissions?

Who, me? I don’t have the skills for that.”

I get it.

And if you had to do it all by yourself, it would be hard. Very hard.

But it’s important to think of this in the way of a big movie production, and how things ACTUALLY happen behind the scenes.

For example…

In the classic film, Flashdance, there’s a well known dance scene during the film where she simply dazzles the judges.

There’s 80’s music, and she’s jumping and twirling and dancing to perfection.

Over the years, countless girls have looked up to this scene. They want to dance and twirl just like her.

But they may say, “There’s no way I could dance as good as her. I can’t do it.”

Yet, not to burst the movie bubble here, but this film isn’t reality, right?


It’s been said, she – in reality – had five different stunt doubles. Some of them professional dancers.

Some of them were men even.

There were stunt doubles, directors and editors, all behind the scenes, and that is what made it work.

Now here’s my point…

Getting big ticket commissions in your side business does NOT require a ton of skill and effort on your part.

There’s a “production” going on behind the scenes. You’ve now got a team in your corner.

So where it may look like others have a special skill to get the big results they’re getting?

Realize it’s not that.
Just like Flashdance.

There’s a team behind the scenes making it all happen for them.

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Hope this helps!

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Joseph Smith

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