Why Most Fail In This Biz…(Try This To Succeed)

Conquers fears of failing, replaces it with more fulfillment, freedom, and income…

Why do so many hop into this business, full of good intentions, but they don’t do anything with what they learn?

While I do get the “discomfort” of trying out new things…

Oftentimes, it’s simply fear of failure being placed in the wrong spots.

For example, many hard-working, smart and savvy people may let fear get in the way of them running their first Facebook Ad.

Or to send out their first marketing related email, or to put on a webinar and make an offer.

But here’s the thing…

Even a very IMPERFECT ad, email, or webinar can get you to $10K per month in profit. (Or, much more that.)

Imperfect actions is what drives results.

Just my thoughts here, but it could be more effective if we view what we are doing as “versions”?

(Sort of like Apple, FB, Microsoft, and just about every other business does.)

This way you can get something out the door, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

It’s Version 1.0

If version 1 blows up, that’s fine.

But more than likely…

You’ll start getting leads and sales, and you can always improve to 2.0 later on if you’d like.

If you can just DO IT… with massive imperfect action, the payoff can be very big for you.

And it’ll always be worth it.:-)

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Which can result in up to $1K to $10K commissions rolling your way.

All by taking consistent, little, imperfect actions.

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Joseph Smith

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