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If You Are Not Doing What You Want (Read This)

The change train starts here…

Ever heard of the Freedom Question?

It’s this:

“Wouldn’t it be great if…?”

Now, you have to fill in the rest, right?

For example:

Wouldn’t it be great if…

…I was earning $10K per month?

…Accomplishing it by working 3 hours per day, 3 days per week?

…Spending tons of time with my loved ones, living an amazing lifestyle, while pursuing my big mission in life?

Here’s the thing…

We must not wait for permission to chase our “wouldn’t it be great if…” goals.

Because likely? We’ll never get it by anyone other than ourselves.

Also, we can’t wait too long!

May we not live with the illusion that there is plenty of time left.

The clock keeps on ticking down, day by day, minute by minute…

There is no greater time than NOW.

Because we all know what likely happens when we say we’ll do it, tomorrow?


Not sure if this is a fit for you or not?

But if you’re ready to begin…

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It’s freed many from being stressed and overworked. Many others are coming out of college AND retirement, and are having great success.

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Gotta run!



Joseph Smith

Missing Skill That Ruins Side-Businesses Everywhere…

This is simple, but not easy…

I’ve heard it said that everything we’ll ever want is on the other side of uncomfortable.

In health, in wealth, and in our relationships and everything in between…

…Can you see this as being true too?

What’s great is we can “train” ourselves to get better at this.

For example, this guy recommends folks take a daily “cold shower”.

1 minute warm. 1 minute ice cold.
1 minute warm. 1 minute ice cold.

Repeat a 3rd time.


Subconsciously though? This helps us begin to deal with uncomfortable situations, and it starts to build up our resilience.

Now I’m not saying to start taking cold showers. (Maybe just get your arm cold!) 🙂

But I AM saying to get used to doing what’s uncomfortable.

Writing your first email.
Creating your first paid ad.

Making your first offer online.

Building your first automated sales funnel.

Because it’s the small BOLD moves like this that will quickly add up to amazing results in your business and life.

===> Here’s a great spot to start

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

PS You’ll get a coach to help you along the way. First goal is a $1K commission headed your way in 30 days.

You’ll need to go through the steps and to be willing to roll up your sleeves with us. (We’ll have loads of fun too.)

You in?

===> OK, I’m in…

Testimonials Are Nice And All, But

$1K+ commissions, can you do it too?


So, I could tell you about Deborah, a former school teacher who used the Dot Com Lifestyle system and was able to retire early…

…After earning over $72K.

Or Becca, a mother of two from Texas that’s earned over $100K in 6 months.

And there’s Yevgen, an immigrant to the US who’s already made over $56k.

I could go on and on and on…

Yet my guess is you probably want to know this system will work FOR YOU?

I get it.

That’s why you’re invited to simply check the system out.

Put it to good use.

Try it out.

If it’s not a fit for you, then at least you know you gave it a real shot?

I’d hate for you to miss out on getting up to $1K to $10K commissions, all by leveraging this proven system…

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A proven system with many done-for-you elements (including the closing of big ticket deals) already set up for you.

Our first goal will be to get you up to speed and started ASAP, and then landing your first $1K commission check in as little as the next 30 days.

You’ll need to be willing to follow the simple and proven plan.

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Rooting for you.



Joseph Smith

Leveraging What’s Proven + A Free Coach

To 10X your income, you won’t work harder.

Have you ever heard the term, OPA before?

It stands for “Other People’s Assets”.

And, when you can leverage other people’s assets?

That’s how you can have an amazing lifestyle and earn a great living with minimal time and effort required.

That’s how you can have up to $500 to $1K DAYS, and you won’t be tied to a j-o-b or a computer all day every day…

That’s why affiliate marketing is so incredibly powerful.

You send them traffic.

And they do all the rest.

Yet, there’s different LEVELS of affiliates.

And the earning levels between them is massive.

You have basic affiliates (generates low commissions upfront), super affiliates (has a super skill or big audience already), and there’s…

…super SMART affiliates.

Super smart affiliates are the rare breed that are able to get a huge chunk of the back-end profits.

Up to $10K plus, per sale.

Sound nice?

How’d you like to leverage a simple system that allows you to earn up to $1K to $10K + commissions like clockwork?

===> Yes! I’m ready for my first $1K plus commission!

Now I understand that it can seem crazy to get over $1K commissions, when most can’t eek out a $27 deal with any real consistency.

Yet, you’ll see how everything works inside the link above. And there’s case study after case study of folks doing well with this system, day after day after day.

Still, we want to ensure you’re able to get successful with this proven plan, ASAP.

That’s why you’re also getting a free coach to help you get rollling along.

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Got to run.



Joseph Smith

Why 4-Hour Work Week Is Still A Best Seller

This spells opportunity for the right person…

If you were to hop on over to Amazon?

You’d see that the now cult-classic book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has over 5,000 reviews.

It’s remained one of the most highlighted Kindle Books for years.

Why so?


More than ever, people want to live as the subtitle of the book states: (And, this spells massive opportunity for us.)

“Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere, Join the New Rich.”

Now the “what” you’ll want to do with your NEW freedom will differ from person to person.

Some don’t want to travel. They want to work a few hours a day from home, and have the rest of the day to spend with their kids or grandkids.

They want to be debt free, and to pursue a hobby or other life mission of theirs.

Whatever it is?

It’s about becoming “Time Rich”.

The crazy thing?

Once we jot down our ideal day and see how much that truly will cost us?

Oftentimes, we discover it doesn’t often require a boatload of cash.

It just requires we’re able to apply leverage to our life, and that we aren’t tied down to a 40 to 60+ per hour week job with a boss-hole to answer to.

Like to fire that boss-hole?

Or at least set something quite lucrative up for yourself and your family on the side?

Leveraging the internet, automation, and marrying them with the right type of high-ticket opportunities is one of the best ways I know of to do it.

Open to hearing more?

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All the best!



Joseph Smith

Opportunities Knocking ? In A Dozen Places ?

Choose your way to $10K months…

Years back, Milton Berle wisely wrote, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

However, these days?

The problem is, there’s 1,001 doors!

Opportunity abounds.

It’s everywhere we turn.

And simply CHOOSING which path to best take can hold us back for years to getting what we really want in life.

You seeing this too?

One thing that can help?

Choose quickly. THEN adjust as needed.

That way, you’re learning, and possibly earning quite well along your journey.

Nothing happens till we’re in gear.

You could be trying out 10 different things and making massive bounds towards your goals…

While others are still twiddling their thumbs over the “best” place and time to start.

And here’s another thing…

There’s oodles of info out there.

Be smart how you take in any new information.

Here’s how:

Read for breakthrough knowledge over incremental knowledge.

Ask yourself, “Does this have the potential to fundamentally change my life?”

That’ll get you off to a banging start. 🙂

And, if earning a great income on the side is something you’re after, while being able to experience living an amazing lifestyle to boot?

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All the best.



Joseph Smith

Simple Tip To Increase Your Daily Income

It’s counterintuitive, and it works!

Open to a dramatically different way to bump up your profits?

It can mean the difference between making pennies in the marketplace and making millions.

I don’t say that lightly.

So, here’s the formula:

Ready, FIRE, Aim!

One of the big “secrets” to success? It’s the fact that money. loves. speed.

The more offers you put into the marketplace, and the quicker you do so, the more income you’ll be hauling in.

Bonus tip:

Increase the “dollar value” of your offers?

And your income boosts up to a whole NEW higher level.

===> Check this offer out

If you’re open to it, it’ll show you how to make more daily offers (with speed) and how to start getting higher-ticket sales…

…Regular as clockwork.

For the right person, this can mean an extra income up to 6-figures, all on the side over the next 12 months, or maybe sooner?

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Hope this helps!



Joseph Smith

The Simple Math Needed To Quit Your J.O.B.

This biz can be easy or hard…

“Simple math” can earn you millions in this business.

And it can most definitely help you replace your job income, or a nice 6-figure salary.

For example:

It’s easy to find out how many leads it takes you to acquire a customer.

Say you’re running a FB ad, and it takes 100 leads and $200 to get 2 new customers at $49 for your intro offer.

A 2% to 3% conversion rate is fairly common for cold traffic.

At this point, it doesn’t sound too great, does it?

Not unless you have BACK END offers in place!

This is where most miss out, big time.

What if for every 5 buyers of your lower ticket offer, 1 invested in a $2K to $10K plus offer with you?

See how this tilts the profit scale ten feet over on your side now?

With competition, ad costs, and what it takes to get a customer these days?

You’re in deep waters without a high ticket backend offer set up in your business.

Least that’s what I’m seeing.

And many customers want, need, and are desperately SEEKING offers like this to invest in.

These customers are the ones that most often are the most successful.

Wouldn’t we be doing folks a disservice if we DID NOT offer them the best help and support we can?

Of course, then there’s the fulfillment of the high ticket offer.

===> That’s where this comes in

You do the upfront “lead work”.

They’ll do the rest for you…

This can result in commissions up to $1K to $10K heading your way quite regularly.

Do you have a high-ticket offer up and running yet? Please don’t waste your ad dollars until you do!

===> This may be a good fit for you

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

He Was Putting Off His Happiness To Become A Good Provider

A better path for many…

Could you be putting off happiness and success like he discovered he was?

There was a recent news article of a man who was saving for the future and was working hard every day to build up a hefty nest egg.

To the point that he wasn’t spending much quality time with his family.

He wasn’t present with them.

He was putting it all off until a “later” time.

He was overworked and disconnected with the life he really wanted to be living.

Until… he made a decision and whisked his family off to Italy for the summer.

There, he slowed down. He reconnected to his roots. He connected with his family and friends on a whole new level.

And he realized, he didn’t need to put off success and happiness until a certain target was hit!

He realized he could create a “Living” Legacy.

Enjoying life RIGHT NOW with those he loves and cares for.


We shouldn’t put that off till a later date, should we?

Anyhow, I’m not sure what it is for you?

But one of the things he discovered?

It’s much better for our happiness and lifestyles today, to say, have $10K per month coming in like clockwork…

===> this plan can get you there in as little as the next 90 days or so…

Than it is to have 1 million sitting in the bank in our retirement years.

With a little planning and effort, we can start living an amazing lifestyle like we want to, right now.

What could you do TODAY to create a living legacy and amazing lifestyle for yourself and your family?

Don’t put that off until later.

You deserve it.

Your family deserves it.



Joseph Smith

Working Over 40 Hr. Workweeks? ( Please Read )

On the brink of a breakdown…

Crazy busy?

Overstretched? Overbooked?

About to snap?

That’s actually the title of a book!

And, it paints a picture of where many are right now in their lives.


They’re often at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Bored. Unfulfilled. Unhappy. Ready for a change towards the better.

Wherever we are in this mix?

Step one is to reclaim our lifestyle.

===> Countless folks are doing it by using this proven formula…

It also may help to reexamine our priorities:

Could we be giving more attention to work and “stuff” than to our families and other things more important to us?

Could we believe that more, more, more! is better? When we may be content and happier with a simpler lifestyle, based around what truly lights up our hearts?

Could we be trying to satisfy “others”?
Employees unrealistic demands, or, feeling we have to keep up with the typical face-paced lifestyle?

Are we driven by status symbols? Like, “The more I work, the more important I’ll be.”

As we can see? It’s all about taking a look at our decisions, where we’re at, and where we WANT to be.

And then making massive moves to get wherever it is we want, ASAP.

Change can happen in an instant!

===> Here’s a path I’ve decided to embark on…

Hope this helps.



Joseph Smith