Zero Sales To Many In A Flash (Try This)

Even the “gurus” get this wrong…

Quick tip for you in today’s note!

To bump up your commissions, or, to quickly go from zero sales to many?

Do this…

Paint a realistic picture of the OUTCOME people are getting as a result of what you’re offering.

Do NOT talk about the product itself!

The product is simply the mechanism to help people get what they want, right?

Think of it this way…

Nobody paints a picture of “gym equipment” and dumbbells to help motivate people to get in shape.

They sell them on the result. 6-pack abs on the beach. Looking great in their swimsuits.

People don’t care about our fancy HD videos or all the hard work we put into it.

Which sounds better?

“Sit down at your computer and watch my 83 HD videos that will teach you how to make money from home.”


“Imagine sitting down at the beach at a 5-star resort, working a few hours from the comfort of your laptop, with complete financial freedom…”

Now that’s just a quick example, but I believe you get the point?

Sell the OUTCOME.

Not the PRODUCT.

Ask: “What ‘experience’ will people want as a result of what I’m offering them?”

Now, people want different things. A young person may want to travel the globe.

A retired person may want more time with his grandkids and for hobbies.

So in your communications, make sure to speak appropriately to YOUR audience, and hit on their different wants and desires over time, cool?

And then, help them get there! 🙂

Hope this helps.

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In your corner.


Joseph Smith

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