Working Over 40 Hr. Workweeks? ( Please Read )

On the brink of a breakdown…

Crazy busy?

Overstretched? Overbooked?

About to snap?

That’s actually the title of a book!

And, it paints a picture of where many are right now in their lives.


They’re often at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Bored. Unfulfilled. Unhappy. Ready for a change towards the better.

Wherever we are in this mix?

Step one is to reclaim our lifestyle.

===> Countless folks are doing it by using this proven formula…

It also may help to reexamine our priorities:

Could we be giving more attention to work and “stuff” than to our families and other things more important to us?

Could we believe that more, more, more! is better? When we may be content and happier with a simpler lifestyle, based around what truly lights up our hearts?

Could we be trying to satisfy “others”?
Employees unrealistic demands, or, feeling we have to keep up with the typical face-paced lifestyle?

Are we driven by status symbols? Like, “The more I work, the more important I’ll be.”

As we can see? It’s all about taking a look at our decisions, where we’re at, and where we WANT to be.

And then making massive moves to get wherever it is we want, ASAP.

Change can happen in an instant!

===> Here’s a path I’ve decided to embark on…

Hope this helps.



Joseph Smith

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