The Simple Math Needed To Quit Your J.O.B.

This biz can be easy or hard…

“Simple math” can earn you millions in this business.

And it can most definitely help you replace your job income, or a nice 6-figure salary.

For example:

It’s easy to find out how many leads it takes you to acquire a customer.

Say you’re running a FB ad, and it takes 100 leads and $200 to get 2 new customers at $49 for your intro offer.

A 2% to 3% conversion rate is fairly common for cold traffic.

At this point, it doesn’t sound too great, does it?

Not unless you have BACK END offers in place!

This is where most miss out, big time.

What if for every 5 buyers of your lower ticket offer, 1 invested in a $2K to $10K plus offer with you?

See how this tilts the profit scale ten feet over on your side now?

With competition, ad costs, and what it takes to get a customer these days?

You’re in deep waters without a high ticket backend offer set up in your business.

Least that’s what I’m seeing.

And many customers want, need, and are desperately SEEKING offers like this to invest in.

These customers are the ones that most often are the most successful.

Wouldn’t we be doing folks a disservice if we DID NOT offer them the best help and support we can?

Of course, then there’s the fulfillment of the high ticket offer.

===> That’s where this comes in

You do the upfront “lead work”.

They’ll do the rest for you…

This can result in commissions up to $1K to $10K heading your way quite regularly.

Do you have a high-ticket offer up and running yet? Please don’t waste your ad dollars until you do!

===> This may be a good fit for you

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

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