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Daily Method of Operations(DMO) for short

Hello friends below you’ll find a collection of advertising strategies, resources and sample ads you can use to start generating targeted traffic to your lead capture page.

Your Only job with this system is to drive traffic to your website ( Lead Capture Page, and then answer questions from prospects that email or call you. That’s it. The system does all the heavy lifting for you 24/7.

It’s important that you use all or many of them and not just focus on one type of marketing:


Lead Sources:

Epic Solos Home Page

These are just a few so there you have it the blue print for success.

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Advertising Basics: Massive Action=Massive Results

There’s a terrible thing that happens to people who don’t advertise…and that is Nothing…

Yes, nothing happens! (There Are A Ton Of Free Advertising Sources On The Net!!)

I do the marketing everyday! That is my secret!

When you begin advertising, you want to follow these guidelines:

  1. All marketing has an element of Risk whether you’re experimenting with something different, or even if you’re going with a type of marketing that I’ve used & recommend. This creates the momentum you’re looking for, spending advertising dollars with your profits!
  2. Be consistent in your marketing

You want to budget yourself so you always have some form of advertising out there working for you. You must have consistent action going in order to get consistent results.

Stay tuned for more marketing tips and strategies to achieve you goals !!! I have given you the outline So now it’s time for you to TAKE ACTION NOW     Stop procrastinating GET TOO IT NOW

Yours Truly

Joseph Smith

Marketing – Getting The Word Out!

This is probably the most important section because it involves the things you’ll be doing on a daily basis. The majority of these tasks can be done in 90 minutes or less per day.

I spend 80% of my time when i am working to focus on advertising .

You should do these activities on a daily basis if you want consistent results. After you do these things for a while, they’ll become a habit and you’ll automatically do them everyday without really thinking about it. Stay tuned to my next post. Remember you have to start somewhere so let’s get to it Go here now at 

Yours Truly

Joseph Smith





Having a Successful Marketing System

We’ve created a highly automated marketing system for you that does the selling and telling.

Let me go over how a lead funnel system actually works in case you’re not familiar…

Capture page to Tour Page to email and follow up system (All Built in)

We have what they call bridge page or sandwich page in between the Company page.

You  Have that with The Fearless Momma program

We will generate traffic from lots of different sources interested visitors will fill out the form, opt in, and become a lead.

Note: Once someone fills out the form on this page, they’re added to your autoresponder  and receives a series of emails. To learn more check out this site today.    Stop procrastinating and Take Action today

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