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Do you deliver your own mail?

Probably not.

Unless it’s one of your weird hobbies…

Hey, I don’t judge 😉

Chances are though, you either use the postal service or FedEx or UPS or something like that, right?

In fact, every person or place of business does the same thing.

Nobody delivers their own packages.

Just like no one makes their own shoes, grows their own tomatoes or tailors their own clothes.

Because it’s faster, easier and more convenient to leverage systems other people have set up to mass-deliver these goods to consumers like you.

Well, same common sense applies to internet marketing.

If you’d like to work less and have more fun and make more money, use The Fearless Momma.

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Best regards,
Joseph Smith

Trump University & Biz Opp Mush Muffins

Donald Trump is in hot water trouble because of his Trump University real estate program.

He’s being sued right now for misleading students about the results they could achieve.

I don’t know if his university was a scam or not.

But I do know that I hate the phrase “results not typical” when I see it on any kind of business opportunity advertising.

Or weight loss advertising.

Or investment advertising.

Whenever an advertiser shows someone who followed the plan, stuck with it, and got great results, the advertiser has to say “results not typical”.

And that just crawls up my leg and bites my ass.

Because it makes it sound like the ones who got great results just lucky.

When the truth is the opposite.

Here’s the hard truth that nobody wants to admit: The reason that “typical” results are less than inspiring is because most people are too lazy and unmotivated to actually follow any plan through to completion.

Yes, typical results are that you won’t lose a single inch off your belly.

Typical results are that you won’t make a single dime online.

But don’t blame the program for that!

That’s not “typical” of the program.

That’s typical of sluggard mush muffin human beings!

Most muffins who try something…anything…will get discouraged, whine and moan, and eventually quit.

Because quitting is easy.

And most people prefer easy to success.

Even though they’ll never admit it.

OK, rant over.

If you’re typical, don’t check out this amazing opportunity.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

The #1 Thing I Look For In An Income Stream

Remember this?

“Hot fresh pizza delivered right to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”

That’s called a Performance Promise.

It tells you exactly what to expect.

And it exactly matches what the customer wants most…

Tasty hot pizza fast.

Plus… it’s risk-free.

This unique selling proposition has made Domino’s Pizza the number one pizza chain in America for good decade. Until other pizza joints butchered this performance promise and diluted the marketplace.

But I digress…

Here’s what’s important:

A great guarantee can mean everything. And a place of business which guarantees it’s performance is definitely one people are happy to link arms with.

This is, by far, one of the most important things I look for when choosing income streams.

I only join and recommend others to join me, if the owner’s willing to put his money where his mouth is.

Now you know why I’ve been preaching about The Fearless Momma to you for weeks.

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Talk soon,
Joseph Smith


Chicago’s got brutal winter.
One time it snowed so hard the drivers gave up, stopped and walked away on their cards right in the middle of the legendary Lake Shore Drive expressway.

Hundreds of them.

Quite a mental image, isn’t it?

This is, of course, totally reasonable, given the circumstance.

But it also reminds me how people walk on their dreams and ideas just as lightheartedly sometimes when things don’t work out at first.

Here’s what I mean:

You see, there are lots of programs out there that claim they’ll teach you how to make muneez.

Unfortunately, almost everyone who buys these programs, eventually gets stuck somewhere midway through the darn thing.

What do most people do?

They don’t ask for help.

They don’t ask questions.

They just get pissed, upset and walk away.

They made no progress, they wasted time and their self esteem took a major hit.


Which is why I recommend all my clients to look into The Fearless Momma which comes with free accountability coaching to make sure you don’t get stuck and quit on your dream.

Details here

Best regards,
Joseph Smith

What to do if you get Fired Tomorrow

What will you do when your life blacks out?

Remember a few years ago when, during the Super Bowl, there was black out?

Nobody was ready for it.

Except one brand. Oreo.

Some savvy Oreo guy took to Twitter during the power outage and tweeted…

Power Out?

No Problem.

You can still dunk in the dark!

It went viral…cost the company nothing…profits soared through the roof.

Meanwhile the other companies who spent millions on TV ads, got caught with their pants around their ankles.

So, what about you, champ?

What’s your backup plan for when your life blacks out?

What if you get downsized? 

What if you get sick?

Are you just going to take it on the chin?

What’s your plan B?

If you don’t have one, you and your family are going to get caught with your pants down.

Get your plan B here.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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Maybe this time it’s going to be different

What would you think if you paid $200 to see your favorite artist and when you got to the show…

She didn’t show up!

Or she showed up so late that you were too pissed off to enjoy her.

Or she showed up and did 20 minutes of show.

That’s what Lauren Hill has been putting her fans through for the last few years.

She’s notorious for showing up late, cancelling shows, doing a few minutes of show and then bailing.

It’s a lot like most biz opps.

They get you all fired up for a great show but never deliver.

And every time you buy into one of these things, it’s only because you’re thinking, “well, maybe this time it’s going to be different… maybe this time I can make it work… maybe this time I get lucky…”


Well, no more empty promises.

This is different.

So different, in fact, you’ll be rubbing your eyes, because it’s too good to be true.

But it is.

100% real. 100% legit. 100% Joseph-approved.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith


This might seem like an Insult

Downside to being an interweb marketer

Working from home sounds awesome, right?

No crappy commute.

No cramped cubicle.

No 8 to 6 lockdown.

No badgering boss.

No downsides, right?


In fact, working from home might be a really bad idea for you.

Here are two questions you must answer honestly before you even try…

  1. Can I handle the isolation? It can be lonely. If you’re a flaming extrovert, beware. It will be almost impossible for you to stay focused in 4 walls.
  1. Do I have the discipline? This profession comes with far more distractions than working at an office where everything is structured to help you focus on work. And if you allow yourself to get sidetracked – you don’t get paid.

Made you think, huh?


You still want to get going fast?

You’d still like see the look on your bosses face when you file 2 week notice?

Well, I be damned!

Hurry up, get everything you need right here.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith