Maybe this time it’s going to be different

What would you think if you paid $200 to see your favorite artist and when you got to the show…

She didn’t show up!

Or she showed up so late that you were too pissed off to enjoy her.

Or she showed up and did 20 minutes of show.

That’s what Lauren Hill has been putting her fans through for the last few years.

She’s notorious for showing up late, cancelling shows, doing a few minutes of show and then bailing.

It’s a lot like most biz opps.

They get you all fired up for a great show but never deliver.

And every time you buy into one of these things, it’s only because you’re thinking, “well, maybe this time it’s going to be different… maybe this time I can make it work… maybe this time I get lucky…”


Well, no more empty promises.

This is different.

So different, in fact, you’ll be rubbing your eyes, because it’s too good to be true.

But it is.

100% real. 100% legit. 100% Joseph-approved.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith


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