Chicago’s got brutal winter.
One time it snowed so hard the drivers gave up, stopped and walked away on their cards right in the middle of the legendary Lake Shore Drive expressway.

Hundreds of them.

Quite a mental image, isn’t it?

This is, of course, totally reasonable, given the circumstance.

But it also reminds me how people walk on their dreams and ideas just as lightheartedly sometimes when things don’t work out at first.

Here’s what I mean:

You see, there are lots of programs out there that claim they’ll teach you how to make muneez.

Unfortunately, almost everyone who buys these programs, eventually gets stuck somewhere midway through the darn thing.

What do most people do?

They don’t ask for help.

They don’t ask questions.

They just get pissed, upset and walk away.

They made no progress, they wasted time and their self esteem took a major hit.


Which is why I recommend all my clients to look into The Fearless Momma which comes with free accountability coaching to make sure you don’t get stuck and quit on your dream.

Details here

Best regards,
Joseph Smith

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