Trump University & Biz Opp Mush Muffins

Donald Trump is in hot water trouble because of his Trump University real estate program.

He’s being sued right now for misleading students about the results they could achieve.

I don’t know if his university was a scam or not.

But I do know that I hate the phrase “results not typical” when I see it on any kind of business opportunity advertising.

Or weight loss advertising.

Or investment advertising.

Whenever an advertiser shows someone who followed the plan, stuck with it, and got great results, the advertiser has to say “results not typical”.

And that just crawls up my leg and bites my ass.

Because it makes it sound like the ones who got great results just lucky.

When the truth is the opposite.

Here’s the hard truth that nobody wants to admit: The reason that “typical” results are less than inspiring is because most people are too lazy and unmotivated to actually follow any plan through to completion.

Yes, typical results are that you won’t lose a single inch off your belly.

Typical results are that you won’t make a single dime online.

But don’t blame the program for that!

That’s not “typical” of the program.

That’s typical of sluggard mush muffin human beings!

Most muffins who try something…anything…will get discouraged, whine and moan, and eventually quit.

Because quitting is easy.

And most people prefer easy to success.

Even though they’ll never admit it.

OK, rant over.

If you’re typical, don’t check out this amazing opportunity.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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