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The Only Two Rules In My Guru Rule Book You Must Abide To Succeed

The internet is flooded with guru talk.

Each internet guru has a rule book to live by.

Some are too complicated for an average person to get.

While others are too simplistic for them to actually be profitable.

I’ve recognized my motto comes down to two main principles, which helped me build a profitable online business.

  1. Don’t do anything that can’t be measured for an immediately profit ROI.
  2. Don’t scam people.

These are the only two things that should ever concern you.

Are you profitable and are you ethical.

If either one is missing, your survival is at stake.

Profits without ethics will make you lose sleep at night and self-sabotage your success.

Ethics without profits?

Way more common and just as devastating.

But don’t you worry, if you’re still not profitable, not ethical, or both.

Because you could be building a highly profitable and highly ethical business with thefearlessmomma starting today.

Details here

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith


Working Hard But Not Rich Yet ? Here’s What You’re Missing

Do you want freedom to come and go when you please?

Do you want the cash power that lets you live and give however you like?

They always told you that if you worked hard, you could get there.

But that’s not exactly true.

You may have been working hard. 

But are you truly wealthy? 

Did all your hard work pay off?

Chance are you’re stuck in a hamster wheel which keeps you busy, but doesn’t make you rich.

If that’s the case, check out thefearlessmomma now.

Thank me later.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

Don’t Change Your Facts. Change Your Story.

Thing aren’t the way you want them to be.

Life kind of sucks right now.

You’re in a bad place and you don’t know how to get out.

The best thing you can do is to not try to change the facts.

That’s virtually impossible.

But to change the story you tell yourself instead.

Which is actually super simple.

And when you do – your attitude and your situation will improve almost immediately.


Because when you change the story you tell yourself about the crap you’re going through, you instantly accept it, let go of the past and have your sights set forward, allowing you to come up with creative solutions to solve, what seemed like, an insurmountable challenge.

You’re probably wondering…

Josephwhat gives you the right to tell me what to do?

What do you know about my situation?

To tell you the truth…

The specifics of your situation don’t matter.

Only your story does.

And if your situation sucks, it means your story sucks too.

A great way to start rewriting your story is to surround yourself with positive influence.

Here’s the program I recommend to rewrite your money story” immediately

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

Your One And Only Job As A Biz Owner

Your one and only job as a business owner is to create offerings that will cause your prospects to *gladly* hand over their money.

Not reluctantly.

Not skeptically.

Not ignorantly.

Fully aware and gladly.

If your current product/offer isn’t causing prospects to *gladly* hand over their money, you’re doing something very wrong.

Which, yes, means that you’ll have to change something.

But believe me.

If you do this, it’ll make your life 1000X easier.

And 1000X more profitable in the long run.

Cuz if you can find one of those golden products or services that people with pay you 100s or 1000s of dollars for while thanking you and walking away 200% satisfied…

Conversion becomes easy.

Selling becomes easy.

Business becomes easy.

And profits start flowing in like water from the Mississippi.

Oh, and if you need help finding/creating such a golden” product/offer…

Go here.

Joseph Smith

How I Beat The Shiny Object Syndrome

One of the biggest mistakes I see amateur entrepreneurs make is make emotional investments.

They’d rather put their hard earned dollars into something shiny.

Than something truly profitable.

Thing is, of course, most aren’t experienced enough to know the difference.

At one point, I was like that too.

I dropped thousands of dollars on shiny objects, which promised fast results.

Most operated on loopholes and gimmicks and fads.

What I discovered, however, is if someone tells you about a money-making loophole, it’s only after it has been shut down or made obsolete.

Because if it truly worked – they’d be busy milking it.

Not talking about it to other people.

So that’s how I feel about shiny objects.

And how I recommend you feel about them too.

This will not only save you money, but also tons of time.

Time otherwise wasted on chasing castles in the sky.

The real profit-rich opportunities are far few and between.

They’re usually well hidden.

And you can only be invited to be a member.

I’m inviting you right now (if you’re serious) to look into what I’m doing these days

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

Jack Ma School Of Starting An Online Business

Founder of AliExpress, Jack Ma, says all you need to start a profitable business is two things:

Common sense.

And a sense of urgency.

The former is kind of obvious.

The latter is what really separates the winners from the losers in this game.


Because entrepreneurs driven by an irrational sense of urgency never delay taking action. They’re always on the clock. They don’t take days off. They don’t dilly dally. They go to work until the job is done.

Which, if you think about it, what this all comes down to.

Putting everything else on hold until the job is done.

Once it is, however, they take the well-deserved time off.

Sometimes, they’ll even take a year off, to ponder on the meaning of life (I know a guy who actually did that).

How can they afford it?

Not because they got savings (although many of them do).

But because they put all this effort into building residual income.

So while they work hard… they do it once and reap the benefits for years to come.

Details here

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

Why I Question Every Claim I See On The Internet

If you’ve been online for more than a week, you’ve probably seen the videos of people who brag about how much money they make, how some business opportunity solved all of their live’s problems…

Yada yada yada.

And don’t get me wrong.

The opportunity they’re trying to sell you could be legit.

It probably *has* made some people rich.


Ye must know this:

Things are not always as they appear.

People in this biz opp” space usually look like they’re doing a lot better than they actually are.

They talk like they make more money than they actually do.

They act like they’re a lot freer than they actually are.

So does that mean you should be totally skeptical about everything that everyone tells you?


You should question everything.

Every program, every claim, every success story.

Don’t swallow everything they tell you without poking around a bit.

Do your research.

Ask questions.

Especially if the opp you’re looking into seems too good to be true.

And soon enough, when you make your way through boatloads of crappy programs, you’ll come across a champion.

For me it happens to be thefearlessmomma.

I’ve researched it.

I’ve poked around.

I’ve asked the hard questions.

And it checks off every point on my legitimacy checklist.

Details here

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

Can you 10x your income while cutting workload in half ?

Here’s an unusual idea that will 10X your income

The world is full of people with a variety of strengths and weaknesses.

Chances are you’re naturally good at something.

It can be crunching numbers, building websites, writing copy or something else.

But there’s also tons of things you suck at.

So you may be writing great content, but you suck at loading it on the web.

Or you could be super technical, but your creativity is crap.

Get the idea?

The key to 10x your income is to find that one (or several) strengths you’ve got and have someone else, who’s equally talented in other areas, do the rest.

That’s the idea behind thefearlessmomma. 

You’re paired with people who are naturally good at:

  • Selling
  • Product creation
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer service

…which frees you up to focus on the things *you* are naturally good at. 

Which not only makes it more likely that you’ll build a thriving business. 

It also makes it more enjoyable. 

So whenever you’re ready…

Go here

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

How Can Someone Make Good Money And Stay Miserable?

Meet Richard.

Good guy.

Works hard.

Pretty sharp.

And no matter how many times life kicks him in the face he keeps his chin up and never gives up.

Richard’s got it going on.

He’s got a great wife and daughter.

He’s in decent shape.

He likes his job.

But he doesn’t love it.

It pays okay, but not great. It covers the bills, but it doesn’t stretch beyond that.

Plus… he’s making zero difference in the world.

Which makes it hard to wake up in the morning and commute for an hour.

Obviously, he’d quit it and do something else if he could, but how can he, when he’s got a family to support.

So he chooses to drag his miserable ass to work each day knowing nothing will change until he changes something.

Can you relate to how Richard feels?

I sure can.

I hated my job, my boss, my coworkers…

I hated my life.

I was making okay money and living an okay life.

But I felt deep down inside I was destined for something much bigger than just a paycheck.

So I decided to make a difference.

A difference in my own life first… and then in the lives of hundreds of other people.


Get details here

Joseph Smith

How To Know If Your Product Is Profitable Before You Start Marketing


What’s the very worst thing that can happen to you as an entrepreneur?

  1. Having a terrific idea for a new product
  2. Doing your research
  3. Raising the money
  4. Building it
  5. Sending it out into the market, and…
  6. Discovering that your entire business is a flake and that you won’t make money because no one wants the friggin thing

It’s the ultimate entrepreneurial nightmare.

And it’s the most common one too.

To invest your time, soul, sweat, tears, and money into something you really believe in, just to discover a year later that no one actually wants it.

It happens all the damn time.

Here’s how to protect yourself from making the same mistake.

Build your business selling a product that’s already been tested to a market that’s also been tested and shown to be highly lucrative.

Need a LIVE example?

Visit this page for details

Joseph Smith