Thinking Of Med School ? Read This

I went in for my annual physical the other day and my doctor zipped through it like his house was on fire and he had to get home to put it out!

Ever have that experience ? I complained to the receptionist about it and she said,

I’m sorry, but the dr. Nelson’s schedule is crammed with patients and he has to take care of everyone.

At first i thought i ought to get a new doctor.

Someone who has time for me.

But when i complained to my friend, who’s a dentist , she said it wouldn’t  help because doctors have to see as many as 25 patients per day to pay the bills.

The golden age of Medicare is over.

Doctors are some of the hardest working people. In fact, they have to work twice as hard. Which now than they did 8 years ago, just to make the same amount of money. Which is probably why i see so many doctors, attorneys and professionals signing up for The Fearless Momma.

Everyone…even those  high-paid types…is looking for a way off the hamster wheel.

A way to achieve real financial independence.

A way to stop running around like their hair’s on fire.

A way to stop working 80 hours a week.

As way to break free from the cubicle prison.

Do you blame them?

I don’t.

Join us on the most thrilling ride of your life



Joseph Smith






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