Does The Fearless Momma Really Work?

How to tell a scam?

Not by typing “is (fill in the blank) a scam?” into Google, that’s for sure.

Because all you’ll get there is a bunch of whiney punks who like to bitch and moan in public. Or, the complete opposite – affiliates strategically optimizing their content to the scam keyword to sell you on joining their downline.

Here’s a few questions you can ask to tell a scam…

  • How long has the opportunity been around? Is it fly-by-night or does it have a track record?
  • What is their guarantee? Is it a simple “money back” thing or is it stronger? 
  • Can you speak with real, flesh and blood people who’ve succeeded with the system? Or is it just a bunch of testimonials with only first names and no photos?
  • Can you see concrete, verifiable, unquestionable proof it works before you buy?

The Fearless Momma checks off on all these – it’s the real deal

Scam free, baby.

Joseph Smith


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