How The Gurus Fool You Into Swiping Your Credit Card

I don’t buy income proof screenshots anymore.

They’re all fake.

In fact, most of the “proof” in advertising is fake.

Remember a couple of years ago when some dudes made some videos “proving” that their new shoe could actually allow you to run on water?

They’d run really fast toward the water and, for about 30 feet, they’d stay up, then they’d sink into the water.

Talk about an eye-popping demonstration.

Yep – all fake.

They put a board underneath the water and filmed at an angle where you couldn’t see it.

And that’s the way most online business opportunities are.

They suck you in with their amazing “demonstrations of proof” but after they’ve got your money, it’s whole different ball game.

More often than not, you realize the truth is twisted.

Or there’s a fine print disclaimer claiming the average results are different.

That’s been my experience, anyway.

Which is why I delayed for months before I pulled the plunge on The Fearless Momma.

I even met up with the owner.

I wanted to look him in the eye. You can tell a lot about a person when you shake their hand and look ‘em in the eye, you know…


I’m all in.

And I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Join me now (risk-free)

Joseph Smith

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