How To Ethically Cheat Your Way To Six Figures

My 8th grade science teacher, Ms. Jackson, was a genius.

No, not at science. 

At catching us students cheating on tests.

We called her the Hawk. 

First, the Hawk would walk through the bathrooms to check the paper towels for notes. Second she would make us take off our sweatshirts, in case we had written on our arms. Third she would force us to sit away from our best friends so we couldn’t help each other.

And only then she would allow us to take the test.

Why was she so strict?

Because just like other teachers, parents and the entire school board, Ms. Jackson thought of cheating as a bad thing.

But is it really?

Wouldn’t you cheat a little bit, if you knew it would get you faster results?

I sure would.

I wouldn’t break the law or anything.

But I’d definitely break the rules, especially if those rules were set by someone with an agenda to keep me poor and miserable, like the government.

Plus, what many would consider cheating, I consider being smart.

If they want to work harder, let them.

I’ll take the fast and easy way every time!

Joseph Smith

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