Do You Really Need A Lot Of Money To Start An Online Business?

One of the most reliable ways to create a steady stream of passive income is to buy a McDonald’s franchise. 

Just buy it, open the doors and start making money.

There’s about 36,525 McDonald’s stores in the world that are consistently making their owners good money.   

It’s the closest thing to a sure thing.

What’s the catch?

You got to be rich to get one.

It costs anywhere between $1 million and $2 million just to get the franchise. 

Which makes it very unlikely for average Joes like you and me. 

But, imagine this…

What if McDonald’s reached out to you and told you that you can own one of their franchises for just $250

No catch.

No fine print.

That would be pretty cool, no?

I’d jump on the opportunity in half a heartbeat. 

And no.

That’s not happening. 


What if I told you there’s an even better franchise model?

What? Better than McDonald’s?


Better than McDonald’s…

An opportunity for creating a great source of income outside of your job which doesn’t cost you a million dollars, doesn’t require you to hire and train employees, pay $10,000 in overheads or ever being trapped in a glorified hamster wheel.


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Joseph Smith

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