The Best Way To Take Risks

My dad spent his life working for giant company – wasting away his life filling out forms, signing papers, wading through red tape, waiting for someone to get back to him, bangin’ his head on a desk…

The pay was ok, but he hated it.

Over dinner, he’d always complain about his boss never thinking outside the box.

He really wanted to get out.

But he never did. He worked there as a mid-level employee for 43 years until he retired. Upon retirement he was awarded a gratitude certificate and a measly pension which wasn’t enough to maintain the same lifestyle. He forced to get a part time job at Wal-Mart.


Got me thinking.

What makes someone wake up in the morning and work a job they absolutely hate and do nothing to find another job or start a business?

How come most people you know dread what they do and do it anyway… often for decades and sometimes for a lifetime?

Is it fear?

Lack of vision?

Lack of self-confidence?

All of the above?


I don’t know what makes people settle for being miserable, but I’m positive if they’re presented with a an opportunity that makes sense, if they’re serious about wanting a change, they’ll act on it, even if they don’t have the experience, the money or the free time to do it, at first.

They’ll take a calculated risk rather than settle for a guaranteed misery.

What kind of opportunity?

Opportunity like this one right here.

What about it would make a trapped person feel confident to break out?

Few things.

First, the guarantee.

It’s pretty much risk-free and fool proof.

Second, it doesn’t require you to quit your safe and predictable job.

You can start in spare time and increase the time input as you go… and as you see results.

Third, it’s super beginner friendly.

You don’t need to go to school or anything.

Of course, you will have to learn new skills. It could make some people nervous. Which is okay. But soon they’ll realize that they can’t reach a new income level using the exact same skills they’ve got now.

For details head on over to this website

Joseph Smith

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