How Honda,Ford and Toyota are Better Than A Lamborghini

Have you ever noticed that you never see TV commercials for really expensive cars?

It’s weird.

The commercials are always for Honda Civics.

Or Ford Fiestas.

Or Toyota Camrys.

So, where are all the Lamborghini commercials?

Here’s the truth:

TV advertisers aren’t idiots.

They know that the people who have enough money to buy Lamborghinis aren’t watching TV in the first place!

So, where are they?

Off their bums and on their feet working hard to build wealth.

They’re flying out to conferences and seminars, speaking, conducting business meetings downtown, going to charity events and socialize in the high circles.

Which is why Lamborghini advertising is done in travel magazines, through country club sponsorships and mouth-to-mouth referrals.

What does all that have to do with you?

Well, first, if you ever wanted to sell luxury cars, now you know where to advertise.

Second, it clearly illustrates the kind of thinking that goes into creating the perfect message to market match.

Why is perfect message-to-market match important?

Because you can get ten thousand people to see a Ferrari commercial, but not one will be able to afford it.

On the other hand, if you put it in front of just one right person – you both win.

The client gets what he wants.

And you get to make a ton of money.

Awesome. We got marketing solved. Now we’ll all be rich, right?

Not so fast, slick.

The most common challenge rookie internet marketers bump into is inability to put their offer in front of the right people. They got an amazing offer, but most people they talk to can’t appreciate it. Because it’s just not for them.

So they go on looking for greener pastures.

This is so frustrating and unfortunate, because they could solve all their problems in an instant.

They could be working less.

They could be making way more money.

They could be spending 100X less money doing it.

All they have to do, really, is to find a mass-appeal offer or product they could promote.

This way, the chances of hitting the perfect message to market match are super high. And margin for error is so large, you won’t even feel it in your bottom line.

If you already have a mass-appeal offer you’re marketing, give yourself a pat on the back.

If not, I highly recommend getting into thefearlessmomma which is one of the highest converting mass-appeal offers out there.

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Joseph Smith

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