The Inner Mirror Theory

You decide to start your own internet business.

But you can’t seem to work up the motivation to start. 

You really want to do it. After all, the internet has been your passion since high school. 

But somehow you end up watching motivational YouTube videos instead. 

Why is that?

Do you have an attention deficit disorder or are you just lazy?

Whatever it is, there’s a cure.

It took me 2 years to build my very first (really ugly) website. It didn’t make me any money, but I was really proud for having finally built something after all this time.

The reason I put it off for such a long time was because I never saw myself as someone who builds websites.

It’s just not my thing.

I could put something together with my hands or write an article.

But building a website seemed like something programmers do.

And I’m definitely not a programmer.

So I ignored all the instantly accessible simplistic solutions that were available to me at the time. My brain just didn’t process the possibility of me being one of those people who build websites.

It’s a self-image thing.

Whatever you’re procrastinating about, chances are you’re a victim to the sameinner mirror” who can only show you what you already believe.

So if you can’t see yourself building a website, losing 10 pounds or making your first sale…

It can’t ever happen to you.

Is there a way to change this?

You bet.

Here’s a quick exercise (seriously, it takes 20 seconds), which is going to help you break out of the procrastination loop whenever you’re stuck in it.

Close your eyes and imagine.

No really. 

Try it right now. 

Close your eyes…

Imagine yourself going through a series of training videos, reading some books, sitting through a couple webinars, and then flying out to a business summit.

Imagine yourself buying a domain name. 

Building a website. 

Driving traffic to that website. 

Making your first sale. 

Turning 1 sale into 10 sales and then into 50 sales and then into 100 sales until you make enough to fire your boss.

Go ahead. 

Visualize it. 

Takes the sting out of the start. 

And it just might give you the motivational kick you need to start. 

Now it doesn’t seem so distant or scary, does it?

Now you feel like you can actually pull this off.


Your next is to do something to solidify your intent.

I’d start by joining this program.

He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t, are both usually right” – Henry Ford

Joseph Smith

P.S. Oh, and if it doesn’t work, see a doctor, maybe there is something wrong with you.

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