How To Deal With Mean Customers and Co-Workers

this:The multi-billionaire who founded 5-hour energy, Manoj Bharkava, insightfully said

Aggravation is the #1 cost in business.

In other words.

You don’t lose the most money when you pay for advertising.

Or buy new software.

Or hire consultants.

The most expensive thing in business is having to deal with customers who incessantly whine, co-workers who pick fights, and employees who drag their feet and complain. Those people – the aggravators” – take up 90% of your headspace and kill your productivity.

Life would be so much easier without ‘em.

Businesses would run so much smoother.

But alas.

The aggravators are everywhere.

And if you work a job…

Chances are you deal with ‘em every day.

Those customers and coworkers and bosses who seem to have the single goal of making your life miserable and difficult.

So what’s the best way to get rid of ‘em?

Start your own thing!

So, you’re the head honcho.

And YOU decide who you do business with.

So, if people start aggravating…

You can stop doing business with ‘em!

Cuz you call the shots.

Makes life so much easier.

And if you want to know how to start your own business…

Go here to learn exactly how you can do just that.

Joseph Smith

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