How To Know If Your Product Is Profitable Before You Start Marketing


What’s the very worst thing that can happen to you as an entrepreneur?

  1. Having a terrific idea for a new product
  2. Doing your research
  3. Raising the money
  4. Building it
  5. Sending it out into the market, and…
  6. Discovering that your entire business is a flake and that you won’t make money because no one wants the friggin thing

It’s the ultimate entrepreneurial nightmare.

And it’s the most common one too.

To invest your time, soul, sweat, tears, and money into something you really believe in, just to discover a year later that no one actually wants it.

It happens all the damn time.

Here’s how to protect yourself from making the same mistake.

Build your business selling a product that’s already been tested to a market that’s also been tested and shown to be highly lucrative.

Need a LIVE example?

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Joseph Smith

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