Nike Fans Are Going To Hate This Email

Nike’s slogan says just do it.

I disagree.

Action is important.

Especially when you’re starting an online business.

In fact, the mere act of doing anything, no matter how small, gets you in state and pushes you towards achievement and accomplishments.

But if you just do it” with no planning or preparation or a plan or a clue…

Chances are you’ll fail.

That’s common sense.

The opposite isn’t much better though.

Often I see smart and capable people miss out on opportunities because they take forever to make decisions.

So you have to balance out your aggressive action with proper planning.

An online business is never as simple as just do it or just don’t do it.

But it can be simplified.

With the right people, products and systems.

Having these three core elements in place allows you to start doing something. It’s a safety net which guarantees that even if you fail, you’ve got a safety net backing you up.

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Joseph Smith

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