How Can Someone Make Good Money And Stay Miserable?

Meet Richard.

Good guy.

Works hard.

Pretty sharp.

And no matter how many times life kicks him in the face he keeps his chin up and never gives up.

Richard’s got it going on.

He’s got a great wife and daughter.

He’s in decent shape.

He likes his job.

But he doesn’t love it.

It pays okay, but not great. It covers the bills, but it doesn’t stretch beyond that.

Plus… he’s making zero difference in the world.

Which makes it hard to wake up in the morning and commute for an hour.

Obviously, he’d quit it and do something else if he could, but how can he, when he’s got a family to support.

So he chooses to drag his miserable ass to work each day knowing nothing will change until he changes something.

Can you relate to how Richard feels?

I sure can.

I hated my job, my boss, my coworkers…

I hated my life.

I was making okay money and living an okay life.

But I felt deep down inside I was destined for something much bigger than just a paycheck.

So I decided to make a difference.

A difference in my own life first… and then in the lives of hundreds of other people.


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Joseph Smith

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