Jack Ma School Of Starting An Online Business

Founder of AliExpress, Jack Ma, says all you need to start a profitable business is two things:

Common sense.

And a sense of urgency.

The former is kind of obvious.

The latter is what really separates the winners from the losers in this game.


Because entrepreneurs driven by an irrational sense of urgency never delay taking action. They’re always on the clock. They don’t take days off. They don’t dilly dally. They go to work until the job is done.

Which, if you think about it, what this all comes down to.

Putting everything else on hold until the job is done.

Once it is, however, they take the well-deserved time off.

Sometimes, they’ll even take a year off, to ponder on the meaning of life (I know a guy who actually did that).

How can they afford it?

Not because they got savings (although many of them do).

But because they put all this effort into building residual income.

So while they work hard… they do it once and reap the benefits for years to come.

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