How I Beat The Shiny Object Syndrome

One of the biggest mistakes I see amateur entrepreneurs make is make emotional investments.

They’d rather put their hard earned dollars into something shiny.

Than something truly profitable.

Thing is, of course, most aren’t experienced enough to know the difference.

At one point, I was like that too.

I dropped thousands of dollars on shiny objects, which promised fast results.

Most operated on loopholes and gimmicks and fads.

What I discovered, however, is if someone tells you about a money-making loophole, it’s only after it has been shut down or made obsolete.

Because if it truly worked – they’d be busy milking it.

Not talking about it to other people.

So that’s how I feel about shiny objects.

And how I recommend you feel about them too.

This will not only save you money, but also tons of time.

Time otherwise wasted on chasing castles in the sky.

The real profit-rich opportunities are far few and between.

They’re usually well hidden.

And you can only be invited to be a member.

I’m inviting you right now (if you’re serious) to look into what I’m doing these days

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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