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Nike Fans Are Going To Hate This Email

Nike’s slogan says just do it.

I disagree.

Action is important.

Especially when you’re starting an online business.

In fact, the mere act of doing anything, no matter how small, gets you in state and pushes you towards achievement and accomplishments.

But if you just do it” with no planning or preparation or a plan or a clue…

Chances are you’ll fail.

That’s common sense.

The opposite isn’t much better though.

Often I see smart and capable people miss out on opportunities because they take forever to make decisions.

So you have to balance out your aggressive action with proper planning.

An online business is never as simple as just do it or just don’t do it.

But it can be simplified.

With the right people, products and systems.

Having these three core elements in place allows you to start doing something. It’s a safety net which guarantees that even if you fail, you’ve got a safety net backing you up.

Details at

Joseph Smith

How To Deal With Mean Customers and Co-Workers

this:The multi-billionaire who founded 5-hour energy, Manoj Bharkava, insightfully said

Aggravation is the #1 cost in business.

In other words.

You don’t lose the most money when you pay for advertising.

Or buy new software.

Or hire consultants.

The most expensive thing in business is having to deal with customers who incessantly whine, co-workers who pick fights, and employees who drag their feet and complain. Those people – the aggravators” – take up 90% of your headspace and kill your productivity.

Life would be so much easier without ‘em.

Businesses would run so much smoother.

But alas.

The aggravators are everywhere.

And if you work a job…

Chances are you deal with ‘em every day.

Those customers and coworkers and bosses who seem to have the single goal of making your life miserable and difficult.

So what’s the best way to get rid of ‘em?

Start your own thing!

So, you’re the head honcho.

And YOU decide who you do business with.

So, if people start aggravating…

You can stop doing business with ‘em!

Cuz you call the shots.

Makes life so much easier.

And if you want to know how to start your own business…

Go here to learn exactly how you can do just that.

Joseph Smith

The Inner Mirror Theory

You decide to start your own internet business.

But you can’t seem to work up the motivation to start. 

You really want to do it. After all, the internet has been your passion since high school. 

But somehow you end up watching motivational YouTube videos instead. 

Why is that?

Do you have an attention deficit disorder or are you just lazy?

Whatever it is, there’s a cure.

It took me 2 years to build my very first (really ugly) website. It didn’t make me any money, but I was really proud for having finally built something after all this time.

The reason I put it off for such a long time was because I never saw myself as someone who builds websites.

It’s just not my thing.

I could put something together with my hands or write an article.

But building a website seemed like something programmers do.

And I’m definitely not a programmer.

So I ignored all the instantly accessible simplistic solutions that were available to me at the time. My brain just didn’t process the possibility of me being one of those people who build websites.

It’s a self-image thing.

Whatever you’re procrastinating about, chances are you’re a victim to the sameinner mirror” who can only show you what you already believe.

So if you can’t see yourself building a website, losing 10 pounds or making your first sale…

It can’t ever happen to you.

Is there a way to change this?

You bet.

Here’s a quick exercise (seriously, it takes 20 seconds), which is going to help you break out of the procrastination loop whenever you’re stuck in it.

Close your eyes and imagine.

No really. 

Try it right now. 

Close your eyes…

Imagine yourself going through a series of training videos, reading some books, sitting through a couple webinars, and then flying out to a business summit.

Imagine yourself buying a domain name. 

Building a website. 

Driving traffic to that website. 

Making your first sale. 

Turning 1 sale into 10 sales and then into 50 sales and then into 100 sales until you make enough to fire your boss.

Go ahead. 

Visualize it. 

Takes the sting out of the start. 

And it just might give you the motivational kick you need to start. 

Now it doesn’t seem so distant or scary, does it?

Now you feel like you can actually pull this off.


Your next is to do something to solidify your intent.

I’d start by joining this program.

He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t, are both usually right” – Henry Ford

Joseph Smith

P.S. Oh, and if it doesn’t work, see a doctor, maybe there is something wrong with you.

How Honda,Ford and Toyota are Better Than A Lamborghini

Have you ever noticed that you never see TV commercials for really expensive cars?

It’s weird.

The commercials are always for Honda Civics.

Or Ford Fiestas.

Or Toyota Camrys.

So, where are all the Lamborghini commercials?

Here’s the truth:

TV advertisers aren’t idiots.

They know that the people who have enough money to buy Lamborghinis aren’t watching TV in the first place!

So, where are they?

Off their bums and on their feet working hard to build wealth.

They’re flying out to conferences and seminars, speaking, conducting business meetings downtown, going to charity events and socialize in the high circles.

Which is why Lamborghini advertising is done in travel magazines, through country club sponsorships and mouth-to-mouth referrals.

What does all that have to do with you?

Well, first, if you ever wanted to sell luxury cars, now you know where to advertise.

Second, it clearly illustrates the kind of thinking that goes into creating the perfect message to market match.

Why is perfect message-to-market match important?

Because you can get ten thousand people to see a Ferrari commercial, but not one will be able to afford it.

On the other hand, if you put it in front of just one right person – you both win.

The client gets what he wants.

And you get to make a ton of money.

Awesome. We got marketing solved. Now we’ll all be rich, right?

Not so fast, slick.

The most common challenge rookie internet marketers bump into is inability to put their offer in front of the right people. They got an amazing offer, but most people they talk to can’t appreciate it. Because it’s just not for them.

So they go on looking for greener pastures.

This is so frustrating and unfortunate, because they could solve all their problems in an instant.

They could be working less.

They could be making way more money.

They could be spending 100X less money doing it.

All they have to do, really, is to find a mass-appeal offer or product they could promote.

This way, the chances of hitting the perfect message to market match are super high. And margin for error is so large, you won’t even feel it in your bottom line.

If you already have a mass-appeal offer you’re marketing, give yourself a pat on the back.

If not, I highly recommend getting into thefearlessmomma which is one of the highest converting mass-appeal offers out there.

Details here

Joseph Smith

Difference Between People Who Get What They Want And People Who Get Short Changed

Ever make a New Year’s resolution that you didn’t fulfill?
We repeatedly resolve” to act better… be better… work harder… and then fall on our faces trying.

The pounds we never lost.

The feelings we never expressed.

The home business we haven’t started.

That’s where most people are most of the time.

Some folks, however, seem to have their act together.

They set a goal and work hard to get it.

They got no problem staying fit. They start and run businesses. They enjoy good health and healthy relationships.

What’s their secret?

I researched this and here’s what I found out…

It’s hard to create lasting change on your own. You start with pure intentions, but you get distracted, discouraged, scared, tired or sucked into the day to day minutia and you slip. One mistakes leads to frustration which morphs into procrastination and eventually you quit.

Not because you can’t do it.

But because it’s hard to sustain positive daily action without a mental and intellectual support system.

When you surround yourself with the right, like-minded people who are committed to holding you accountable to your goals… it’ll actually be harder for you to fail than it is to succeed.

So if you want to lose weight, it’s going to be easier to do with a personal trainer or a training buddy.

If you want to have better relationships, call your friends and ask them to call you on your bullshit and point out when you hold back.

And if you want to be your own boss, join this group.

They’ll hold you accountable.

Make sure you do what you say you will.

And in the end…

You’ll get where you wanted to go all along.

Get started here.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

The Best Way To Take Risks

My dad spent his life working for giant company – wasting away his life filling out forms, signing papers, wading through red tape, waiting for someone to get back to him, bangin’ his head on a desk…

The pay was ok, but he hated it.

Over dinner, he’d always complain about his boss never thinking outside the box.

He really wanted to get out.

But he never did. He worked there as a mid-level employee for 43 years until he retired. Upon retirement he was awarded a gratitude certificate and a measly pension which wasn’t enough to maintain the same lifestyle. He forced to get a part time job at Wal-Mart.


Got me thinking.

What makes someone wake up in the morning and work a job they absolutely hate and do nothing to find another job or start a business?

How come most people you know dread what they do and do it anyway… often for decades and sometimes for a lifetime?

Is it fear?

Lack of vision?

Lack of self-confidence?

All of the above?


I don’t know what makes people settle for being miserable, but I’m positive if they’re presented with a an opportunity that makes sense, if they’re serious about wanting a change, they’ll act on it, even if they don’t have the experience, the money or the free time to do it, at first.

They’ll take a calculated risk rather than settle for a guaranteed misery.

What kind of opportunity?

Opportunity like this one right here.

What about it would make a trapped person feel confident to break out?

Few things.

First, the guarantee.

It’s pretty much risk-free and fool proof.

Second, it doesn’t require you to quit your safe and predictable job.

You can start in spare time and increase the time input as you go… and as you see results.

Third, it’s super beginner friendly.

You don’t need to go to school or anything.

Of course, you will have to learn new skills. It could make some people nervous. Which is okay. But soon they’ll realize that they can’t reach a new income level using the exact same skills they’ve got now.

For details head on over to this website

Joseph Smith

Do You Really Need A Lot Of Money To Start An Online Business?

One of the most reliable ways to create a steady stream of passive income is to buy a McDonald’s franchise. 

Just buy it, open the doors and start making money.

There’s about 36,525 McDonald’s stores in the world that are consistently making their owners good money.   

It’s the closest thing to a sure thing.

What’s the catch?

You got to be rich to get one.

It costs anywhere between $1 million and $2 million just to get the franchise. 

Which makes it very unlikely for average Joes like you and me. 

But, imagine this…

What if McDonald’s reached out to you and told you that you can own one of their franchises for just $250

No catch.

No fine print.

That would be pretty cool, no?

I’d jump on the opportunity in half a heartbeat. 

And no.

That’s not happening. 


What if I told you there’s an even better franchise model?

What? Better than McDonald’s?


Better than McDonald’s…

An opportunity for creating a great source of income outside of your job which doesn’t cost you a million dollars, doesn’t require you to hire and train employees, pay $10,000 in overheads or ever being trapped in a glorified hamster wheel.


Get details here

Joseph Smith

How To Ethically Cheat Your Way To Six Figures

My 8th grade science teacher, Ms. Jackson, was a genius.

No, not at science. 

At catching us students cheating on tests.

We called her the Hawk. 

First, the Hawk would walk through the bathrooms to check the paper towels for notes. Second she would make us take off our sweatshirts, in case we had written on our arms. Third she would force us to sit away from our best friends so we couldn’t help each other.

And only then she would allow us to take the test.

Why was she so strict?

Because just like other teachers, parents and the entire school board, Ms. Jackson thought of cheating as a bad thing.

But is it really?

Wouldn’t you cheat a little bit, if you knew it would get you faster results?

I sure would.

I wouldn’t break the law or anything.

But I’d definitely break the rules, especially if those rules were set by someone with an agenda to keep me poor and miserable, like the government.

Plus, what many would consider cheating, I consider being smart.

If they want to work harder, let them.

I’ll take the fast and easy way every time!

Joseph Smith

Flunkpreneur School Of Internet Marketing

You can cram lots of stupidity in one short sentence.

A wanna be gooroo writes:

“I’ll teach you how to buy wholesale and sell hundreds of low-priced products using free traffic sources.”

Gotta give this guy credit for trying.

Here’s why this won’t work though

If you’re warehousing product, you’ve got unnecessary headache and expenses. 

Digital products rule.

They cost nothing to create, they cost nothing to store and you don’t need employees or storage location. 

Low-priced products? Amazon will eat your lunch. You can’t compete with the 6 billion dollar a year behemoth! 

Free traffic? 

Too slow. It’ll take forever to scale.

Here’s a better faster easier way to get rich

Joseph Smith

You Might Be Working To Hard

It’s funny how most people are still stuck in the industrial mindset.

They want to work hard.

That’s how they justified getting paid a lot.

But the irony is – those who get a lot, work only a few hours per day.

They live fantastic lifestyle, make 10X of what hard workers make and spend tons of time with their family.

All while hard workers slave away over time.

How to stop working hard to make other people rich?

Here’s how

Joseph Smith