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My Uncensored Opinion About Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change

What do you think of Caitlyn Jenner? 

If you’ve been pulling a Rip Van Winkle, and sleeping through the last coupla years, you may still know Caitlyn by her previous name. 

Bruce Jenner. 

Or “Kim Kardashian’s Step Dad.”

And awhile back, Bruce decided “he” didn’t want to be Bruce anymore. 

Now “he” is “she.” 

Caitlyn Jenner. 

Or “Cait” for short. 

And whether you think Cait is a publicity-seeking weirdo or a courageous role model for transgender people, you gotta admit one thing…

She was unhappy about something in her life, so she took action. 

She did something about it. 

I respect that.

Because most people talk a big talk, but don’t do anything.

They say they want to make more money, but they refuse to join a program or get coaching.

They say they want to travel the world and earn from anywhere, but they wake up every day and drag their ass to work, putting their dream on the backburner.

My point:

Don’t sit on your hands. Do something now!


Joseph Smith


How The Gurus Fool You Into Swiping Your Credit Card

I don’t buy income proof screenshots anymore.

They’re all fake.

In fact, most of the “proof” in advertising is fake.

Remember a couple of years ago when some dudes made some videos “proving” that their new shoe could actually allow you to run on water?

They’d run really fast toward the water and, for about 30 feet, they’d stay up, then they’d sink into the water.

Talk about an eye-popping demonstration.

Yep – all fake.

They put a board underneath the water and filmed at an angle where you couldn’t see it.

And that’s the way most online business opportunities are.

They suck you in with their amazing “demonstrations of proof” but after they’ve got your money, it’s whole different ball game.

More often than not, you realize the truth is twisted.

Or there’s a fine print disclaimer claiming the average results are different.

That’s been my experience, anyway.

Which is why I delayed for months before I pulled the plunge on The Fearless Momma.

I even met up with the owner.

I wanted to look him in the eye. You can tell a lot about a person when you shake their hand and look ‘em in the eye, you know…


I’m all in.

And I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Join me now (risk-free)

Joseph Smith

Does The Fearless Momma Really Work?

How to tell a scam?

Not by typing “is (fill in the blank) a scam?” into Google, that’s for sure.

Because all you’ll get there is a bunch of whiney punks who like to bitch and moan in public. Or, the complete opposite – affiliates strategically optimizing their content to the scam keyword to sell you on joining their downline.

Here’s a few questions you can ask to tell a scam…

  • How long has the opportunity been around? Is it fly-by-night or does it have a track record?
  • What is their guarantee? Is it a simple “money back” thing or is it stronger? 
  • Can you speak with real, flesh and blood people who’ve succeeded with the system? Or is it just a bunch of testimonials with only first names and no photos?
  • Can you see concrete, verifiable, unquestionable proof it works before you buy?

The Fearless Momma checks off on all these – it’s the real deal

Scam free, baby.

Joseph Smith


Thinking Of Med School ? Read This

I went in for my annual physical the other day and my doctor zipped through it like his house was on fire and he had to get home to put it out!

Ever have that experience ? I complained to the receptionist about it and she said,

I’m sorry, but the dr. Nelson’s schedule is crammed with patients and he has to take care of everyone.

At first i thought i ought to get a new doctor.

Someone who has time for me.

But when i complained to my friend, who’s a dentist , she said it wouldn’t  help because doctors have to see as many as 25 patients per day to pay the bills.

The golden age of Medicare is over.

Doctors are some of the hardest working people. In fact, they have to work twice as hard. Which now than they did 8 years ago, just to make the same amount of money. Which is probably why i see so many doctors, attorneys and professionals signing up for The Fearless Momma.

Everyone…even those  high-paid types…is looking for a way off the hamster wheel.

A way to achieve real financial independence.

A way to stop running around like their hair’s on fire.

A way to stop working 80 hours a week.

As way to break free from the cubicle prison.

Do you blame them?

I don’t.

Join us on the most thrilling ride of your life



Joseph Smith







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How to get an MBA Income with an MBA student Loan Debt

There are two kinds of business schools
The first one is Necktie University.

Traditional B school.

Necktie University is one of those strange places where everyone is doing business BUT YOU!

The professors sell you education.

Authors sell you textbooks.

The institution sells you a degree. 

And what do you pay?

An average school charges $80,000 for tuition and $20,000 for books.

And what do you get? 

You certainly don’t get your own business.  

You just get a lot of theories and case studies and lectures.

But there’s another kind of business school. 

With The Fearless Momma, you’ll build your own business.

They won’t charge you for lectures, for books, or for a degree.

They won’t teach you the 21 P’s of marketing. Or the 15 B’s of leadership. Or the 2,535,604 L’s of web design.

They’ll give you a real system you can use now.

And they’ll pay you when you learn how to how use it!

Details here

Joseph Smith

How To Lose A World Championship

Vince Lombardi, Hall of Fame coach of the Green Bay Packers, used to start training camps by saying,  “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

He then gave a full breakdown of football basics to the players and the coaching team.

And these were professional, championship-caliber athletes, mind you…

This seemed like an idiotic thing to do to many.

But no one could argue with Lombardi’s trophies.

Why did he spend so much time teaching world-class athletes the most basic, foundational skills?

Because he knew that a mistake on a “detail” would probably not cause his team to lose a game, but a mistake on a fundamental, definitely would.

So he built the foundation in fundamentals.

Then he added the details.

And his teams won 5 championships in 7 years.

Go and do likewise, Champ!

Joseph Smith