Confused !!!

Perhaps one of the most profitable discoveries in my business was this:

You’re not in the marketing business, the internet business or even content business. You’re in the leadership business.

This explains why there’s so many schools of thought of making money online that work.

There doesn’t seem to be one definite way of doing things.

At first, this was extremely confusing to me.

Because I was looking for that one solution and each time I came across one, it was followed with two more that supposedly were proven.

I was so overwhelmed with fear of making a mistake I acted on neither.

Big mistake, of course.

Cost me tons of time.

I’m talking years.

Years I can’t get back now. 

But you can.

If you listen.

So listen up:

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Accept it. Once you do, choose one path and stick to it. It doesn’t matter which path, just commit to something.

Of course, make sure this something works first lol

If you haven’t found anything that does, you can stick to this.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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