Marketing Advice From The Greatest Hockey Player Alive

You heard of Wayne Gretzky?

He was a champion hockey player who played 20 seasons for the National Hockey League (NHL)

Most hockey fans call him ‘the greatest hockey player ever’.

He won four Stanley Cups…

Scored more goals than any other player in NHL history….

And he still holds that record…17 years after he retired!


When questioned on how he achieved all his success…

How he scored all those goals

You know what big Wayne had to say?

‘I skate where the puck is’.

Seems pretty obvious right?

The secret to Gretzky’s success was to simply BE where the puck was.

Simple as that.

Which is kind of why I don’t understand how so many folks fail online.


If you’ve struggled to make a buck online to date.

If you’re shoveling piles of money into systems and programs that don’t work.


If you want to grow your income online…

Take a page out of the Gretzky book on success…

Go where the money is.

If you let me I’ll show you how to do that right here.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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