Is 2019 The End Of Brick And Mortar Stores ?

Will offline brick and mortar” businesses ever cease to exist?

Likely not.

Amazon—the world’s biggest online retailer—put up its first brick and mortar store less than a year ago. And they have plans to put up 100+ in the next year.


Brick and mortar is here to stay.

However, I will say this:

It’s a lot harder to get an offline” business up and running than it is to start an online bidniz.

You got to put in tons of start up capital for the former.

While you can shoestring the latter.

Brick and mortar overheads are 1000X of online bidniz start up costs. It’s physically enduring. It’s risky and it’s dangerous.

Not to mention employee overheads and competition.

And what about the super limited reach?

You can’t sell widgets to anyone who’s outside of your immediate local reach.

This is why I recommend online business in the information marketing space, affiliate marketing space or business opportunity space.

Where there’s less risk.

And everything is faster.

And if you want a detailed blueprint for a highly profitable online business…

Get over here.

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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