How to get in touch with your inner millionaire

What does it mean to truly be a millionaire?

Is it earning the first million?

Or is it earning it while being free of the usual constraints of a business?

It could be both.

Whichever it is for you, its not going to happen until you become a millionaire within first.

Let me explain:

Most people think that you earn your first 1,000,000 bucks  and that’s what makes you a millionaire.

But that’s tragically false.

You become a millionaire long before you earn a million dollars.

You have to become a millionaire first, by taking on…

The mindset of a millionaire.

The habits of a millionaire.

The discipline of a millionaire.

Then and only then, my little droogling, the money will flow into your life.

Sounds like too much work?

You need some proof of concept before you work hard to adopt millionaire habits?

Yeah, totally get how you feel, Amico.

I too wouldn’t want to invest half my life changing childhood habits unless I knew I was going to get the desired outcome.

And this is where the chumps are separated from the chomps.

You can either bet on yourself and commit to doing whatever it takes.

Or you can keep thinking about it until you’re blue in the face.

Don’t be surprised however when you’re 60 still working part-time because you can’t afford to stay home and at the same time your health won’t let you go full time.

That’s a sad sad future.

And it’s real real future.

Unless you adopt new habits… better habits… more profitable habits.

Of course, it could be difficult without some sort of life-support system dedicated to helping you stick to your goals, because it’s so frigging distracting.

Which is why I always recommend joining this elite community of online millionaires, which offers a guiding hand and a shoulder for you in your fight for freedom.

Details here

Talk soon,
Joseph Smith

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