Internet Marketing Babysitter For Hire

How many educational books and courses have you bought that are now just sitting on the shelf collecting dust?

Be honest.

It’s at least 5.

Probably more like 10.

Or maybe even 20+.

And here’s my guess:

When you first bought them, you eagerly cracked ‘em open and started rushing through them. But then life got in the way, and you never finished them. Or you just got bored and stopped. Whatever the case… you never made a serious attempt to implement them.

Happens a lot.

More often than you think.

In fact, it’s the most common tragedy online ever.

Because while many courses have suggested action items,” they don’t follow up with you or give you the accountability you need to make sure that you actually do take action. And so in that sense they don’t set you up for success.

Question is, however, do they really have to?

And the answer is no.

They really don’t.

Nobody owes you anything.

And that’s the truth.

But there’s one group of people, who are sort of weird like that, and who insist on keeping you accountable, to follow up with you and quite frankly to baby sit you until you’re successful.

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Joseph Smith


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