Zero Pressure Sales Tactics That Work

Our society is full of people whose life goal is to get more than they give.

And we constantly have to be on the lookout for swindlers.

And the internet?

It’s gushing with these!

I’m not talking about some Philippino internet thugs.

I’m talking elite-level conmen who disguise as the most trusted and respected marketers in the world.

Here’s how you know you’ve been caught into the web of the con artist:

Look at how much they pressure you to make a decision.

They’re nice and all, they shower you with complements, they’ll even tell you nothing is ever your fault.

But after they’ll sweet talk you, they’ll start stacking up pressure.




One on top of the other until you break and buy another course you don’t need.

I hate pressure.

High pressure sales are the worst.

They create the worst customers, they create the most buyer’s remorse and they make me uncomfortable.

I love zero-pressure selling.

Zero pressure on me and on the potential client.

That’s the best way to elicit a high quality long term decision.

Because I believe in making sales to get customers, not getting customers to make sales.

If you share this approach, and you’d like to learn more about a program which puts absolutely no pressure on you, look into this asap.

Joseph Smith

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