What to do if you lose your health and your income

Meet Jessica.

She’s a stay at home mom.

Her husband, Jay, works for the military and is gone for months at a time.

She has tons of responsibilities.

A new baby on the way. Helping her daughter with homework. Cooking and cleaning. And daily Skype calls with Jay at 3am.

She experiences lots of stress.

Yet, she refuses to take a break.

“I am strong like an ox” she assures herself.

Then, one day, something is off.

She drags her feet after waking up yet she doesn’t pay any attention.

“I will sleep an extra hour”.

During the day, her energy is missing. She is slow and clumsy. Coffee doesn’t help. Her back mysteriously hurts. People comment on her exhausted face but she assures them everything’s OK.

Then, it happens.

Her hands can’t hold a glass of water and she drops it.

After cleaning the mess, she gets dizzy standing up.

Something is not OK with her.

As she moves forward, she loses her balance and falls down. It’s not easy to get up.

Her daughter comes from school, finding her mom lying on the floor, unable to move.

Her daughter takes her to see a doctor.

The doctor suggests bed rest for a week.

Yet Jessica knows that’s impossible.

“Who will take care of everything?? I can’t rest for so long!”

“Listen. You either take a break or I can’t promise this won’t happen again.”

Defeated, Jessica has no comeback.

The doctor talked about a physical breakdown. It happens when you refuse to take a break every once in a while.

Now she has to force herself to rest.

But who will take care of everything?

She doesn’t know and this stresses her even more.


What happened to Jessica can happen to anyone.

It’s easy to think of yourself as being invisible. We all do. Until one day, out of the blue, it happens.

Will your family be able to take care of you?

Or will you be a burden to them?

And you know what?

One of the best (and easiest) ways to reduce your chances of a breakdown is by taking control of your economic destiny. Nothing stops stress like knowing you aren’t relying on anyone to pay the bills and feed you and you family.

Here’s where you can get started

Joseph Smith

P.S. Jessica can be considered lucky.


Because her husband is working.

But what if she was the only one working?

If you are the sole source of income for you and your family, what will happen if you have a breakdown?

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