Computers Make You Feel Stupid And Slow

This is a bit embarrassing to admit but…

Computers make me feel stupid.

Why do I say that?

I was watching my four-year-old nephew press the “hide ad” button on Youtube. He is already more proficient at PCs than me. I have to ask my kids how to do simple things like copy and paste. Most times I even write notes on Post-its.

Now, imagine my uneasiness when I used Google to search “make money online”.

Everyone and their dog are trying this thing so why not me?

In the results, I read that I need to build a list, curate content, learn copywriting etc.

Now I feel even more stupid.

I try “make money online even if you can’t use the PC”.

After poking around, I find a website that promises just what I am looking for.

I join a simple system for people who feel left behind in the advances of technology.

Everything is laid out in an easy to use way.

There is no second guessing – the next step each time is done by pressing a button.

And if you are consistent enough, you can really make money.

It’s that simple.

You must first find a system to follow and 90% of the work is taken care of.

After doing it for months now, I know it works.

Those youngsters use more complicated systems but I avoid them.

Speaking of a simple system to follow that doesn’t make you feel stupid…

Here is the one I use

Joseph Smith

P.S. Other than looking stupid, you know what’s even worse?


Regret for things that you wanted to try but didn’t.

Looking back, I regret not giving the whole “make money online” an honest try.

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