If You Died Tomorrow, Is Your Family Taken Care Of ?

Ben, one of my old business partners, died last week.

Sudden cardiac arrest and everything was over in a flash.

At 70 years old with a history of heart problems, we expected it.

He led a good life and he built a successful business.

His wife, children, and grandchildren will live in comfort thanks to everything he left behind.

But during his funeral, I couldn’t stop thinking “what if?”.

What if he wasn’t that old?

Suppose he was only 50.

What did he leave behind?

What’s his legacy?


The business can’t pass to the family since clients only work with Ben.

His wife will have to find an extra job and pressure herself.

His kids will stop enjoying certain luxuries.

All because Ben didn’t have a better plan.

A plan that would make it easy for his wife or kids to take up his business and allow them to make money, with zero hassle. All from day one.

What about you?

Do you have a better plan?

Or will your family struggle in case you are gone?

I know my plan is better.

Take a look at it. https://thefearlessmomma.com/welcome/money777jb

Joseph Smith

P.S. You know what I liked most about Ben?

Even at 70 years old he was always searching for new opportunities to make money.

Naturally, I wish we had time to show him my plan.

See it here. https://thefearlessmomma.com/welcome/money777jb

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