Anatomy Of An Online Scam

Here is how online scams work.

First, you see a sales page.

They invite you to watch a 5-minute video, showing flashy photographs, butt naked women, Ferraris, and mansions.

They promise easy money.

They reassure you it’s all yours, with little effort on your part.

You need a small time investment and by the end of the day you get everything.

Excited, you take the big step and join.

What do we have here?

A one-time setup fee?

You think it over and rationalize “I will pay 50 bucks now and will make $5,000 so it’s a no-brainer”.

And when you pay, whoops.

All a fairy tale.

The coach is away. The forum isn’t ready yet. The educational material is uploading and you can read only half of it. They have the audacity of upselling you more expensive “opportunities”.

And the cherry on top?

People fall for that and hop on to the opportunity because “Hey, I already paid some money, I might as well try and make back more!”.

Do you realize you can be one of those victims?

After all, scams are everywhere.

It’s easy to fall for one of them, lose your hard earned money, waste your precious time and get mocked by your peers and family.

Stay away from scams.

Join only trustworthy opportunities.
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Joseph Smith

P.S. You know what’s even worse than scams?

Falling victim to them and disappointing your family.

Hearing them say “we didn’t know you were that stupid…”.

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