The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Scammers

Just like highly effective people, online scammers also have habits.

Study those seven.

Understand the crappiness in them.

And never fall victim to these tactics.


1. They use fancy titles like Minister, Doc or Professor. No way a Minister can lie, right?

2. They always use a model for their videos. If they appear on camera or show pictures of themselves, people will Google them. And they won’t like what they see.

3. They reference John Smith as a top earner but neglect to inform you he is an outlier. Why don’t they tell you about Joe Blow and how he blew his life’s savings?

4. They lie about 10-minute workdays. You can’t be rich with 10 minutes of work every day. Ask Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban.

5. They say everything is easy. All you need is click a button and money flow right into your pockets, Ferraris appear out of thin air in your garage and women fall on your lap. Bullshit.

6. They call other guys “gurus” and advice to stay away from them.

7. And my favorite. They start their pitch with “But life wasn’t always that great. I used to be like you blah blah blah”.


And there you have them.

The 7 habits of highly effective scammers.

You won’t see them discussed anywhere.

If an opportunity has even one of them, stay away.

Those are the habits you will have to internalize if you join.

The cool part is that you can make money online if you do the complete opposite of the above.

Careful now.

It doesn’t mean you need to work 24 hours a day, torture yourself by doing stuff you hate and remain a nobody while making a fortune.

Yes – you need to work on your accountability.

Yes – you have to invest time every day to work in your business.

Yes – you have to take orders from people who have been there and done everything needed.

But as long as you are an honest, hard working individual who is frustrated with your lack of results, the above won’t be a problem for you.

And in fact, I can show you all you need to do while avoiding anything that can (and will) hold you back if you are not careful.

Here is how to get started.——-

Joseph Smith

P.S. Here is habit number eight.

They pay guys on Fiverr to write fake testimonials.

Ideally, you should stay away from people who use a tactic like that.

How can you tell if the testimonials are legit?

Most of the times you can feel it as you read them.

The fake ones are always happy and cheerful, never discussing an obstacle people faced.

The genuine ones talk about the struggles and even the initial doubts before joining an opportunity.

The latter are the best kinds of testimonials since they show you the whole story, without resorting to smoke and mirrors tactics.

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