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The Disease I Might Have

“You might have periodontitis.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a gum disease that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. It happens when you’re not diligent with your teeth hygiene. I’ll prescribe a mouthwash and please, come back in one month from now. If you had come later, you might needed surgery.”

After I left my dentist’s office I Googled periodontitis.


It leaves your teeth naked.

You brush them, and they bleed every time.

Your friends see a skeleton’s smile when you laugh.

People stay away from you because you creep them out.

All that because you weren’t diligent enough with your teeth.

One day, out of the blue, you go to the dentist and he says you need surgery or else…

And you know what?

The same thing applies to your job.

Things look OK for a while.

You don’t love working there, but at least it pays the bills.

Plus, you work harder than others so this gives you a safety net.

Or so you thought…

One day, you’re fired because the company is downsizing. Yes, you’re a hard worker. But those other guys and gals are friendly with the boss so they can’t let them go.

Out of the blue, you’re without a job.

Now, like your gums, you are exposed.

You can’t pay your bills, your rent, and finding a new job in this economy looks impossible.

You felt safe and didn’t think prepare yourself for a situation like that.

If it hasn’t happened yet, you’re lucky.

But you know the danger is there.

It will happen.

And when it does, you must have in place a solution.

Joseph Smith

P.S. I went back to my dentist and my teeth were in much better shape.

The gums were no longer inflamed and the bleeding I had when brushing, stopped.

I didn’t do anything new

But this time, I followed the instructions on how to wash them the right way.

Turns out you need to apply more pressure when brushing them and hold your toothbrush a certain way.

I was already washing them, only now I did it better.

It’s the same when you build your business.

There’s the way you do things.

This way brings OK results.

There’s also a way to do things a lot better.

This will bring phenomenal results.

How does your diet affect your success online

After a brutal legs session last night, Scott, my personal trainer asked me what I’d eat for dinner.

“The usual Scott, chicken and rice.”

“Don’t you crave chocolate anymore?”

“Nah, I don’t. I used to when I started dieting but now I don’t.”

“You had a mindset shift, that’s why.”

“What do you mean?”

He explained me that the other people who train with him, always blame their diet for the  lack of results.

They hope they could find one diet that would help them lose weight and build the body of their dreams.

And that’s why their mindset will always keep them fat.

They focus on the external things (a diet) and not on the internal (their mindset).

When you make the switch from “It’s the diet’s fault” to “It’s my fault”, a whole process of changes begins inside you.

You take responsibility for your actions.

Cookies and pizza no longer magically find their way into your mouth, because you stop them.

And it’s easier for you to take the necessary steps to succeed.

As Scott kept talking about the mindset of dieting, I couldn’t stop thinking…

Isn’t this the same with business?

Take two people. Have them join a great opportunity. Set up everything for them. Give the best coach in existence. Tell them they have unlimited funds to invest in their business.

The one who always finds faults in anything other than him, will fail.

The internet will be slow.

The ads won’t convert.

His zodiac sign won’t conjoin with Afrodite and Pluton.

The one who takes responsibility for everything?

He’ll succeed any time because has the mindset of a winner.

If you have this type of mindset, you’re already halfway there.

You only need someone to show you the way.

And as I have my personal trainer, I can help you find the way with your business.

Joseph Smith

P.S. After me, Kathy was going to train with Scott.

But she flaked.

Her excuse?

She was too tired after her shift and wanted to stay home, binge-watch Narcos and eat a small slice of pizza.

Scott knew that the pizza wouldn’t be just a small slice.

And frankly?

He didn’t care.

He makes it clear before a new client signs up that they must do the work if they want to succeed.

It’s the same with me.

I can’t help you if you aren’t ready to help yourself.

Do you know the unchanging principles of how to make money online?

In an old-school video of Dan Kennedy, he was driving home a very important point.

“Tools always change.

Tactics occasionally change.

Strategies rarely change.

But principles never change.”

The talk was about sales but I couldn’t stop thinking how this applies to making money online.

Will the fancy new auto-responder help you build your business?

It will.

But it won’t be around forever.

Give it three or six months and it will be replaced with another software that’s either faster, cheaper or better at something else.

So why focus on the tools?

According to Dan and me, you’re much better served if you focus on principles.

These babies never change.

What are the principles that every serious business opportunity respects?

1. Access from any part of the world

2. It costs at least some money to get you started (stay away from free)

3. Easy to set up

4. Gives a money back guarantee

Yes, they’re basic.

That’s why I call them unchanged principles.

And if the business opportunity you’re in follows them, you’re on a path of greatness.

Both I and Dan Kennedy guarantee it.

If the opportunity you’re in doesn’t follow them?

That’s a problem because it will cripple your income and retard your progress.

But there are also good news.

You can fix the problem here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Kennedy presented the audience with two choices.

Say you wanted to create an infomercial.

Who will you choose to help you with it?

Francis Coppola or a 70-year old door-to-door salesman who smelled of cigarettes and his clothes were full of holes?

Dan’s answer?

He would pick the salesman.

Francis Coppola is great in putting together a film, but an infomercial is about selling.

The salesman?

He has decades of experience in sales.

Even if he’s not a bright shiny object, at the end of the day you need people who understand the principles of what it is that you want to do.

Yes, you’re not in the infomercial business.

You’re in the make money online business.

The lesson still applies.

You need someone to show you the principles needed for online success.

You can find this person here.

Gym Wars: Attack Of The Show-Offs

Last week I wanted to join a gym.

I visited one that has been open six months now and asked the trainer to show me around.

I gotta be honest, I felt embarrassed when I saw the people training there.

The men looked like Greek gods, with sculpted shoulders, wide backs, and 6-packs.

The women could be supermodels, with fabulous curves and thin waists.

“What the heck will I do here?”, I thought.

I would look like a total newbie if I train in the same gym as them.

On my way home, I had almost persuaded myself the gym wasn’t for me.

Then I started thinking about the bodies I saw.

And realized I overreacted.

Yeah, the dudes were like statues. But they probably were steroid users. Those types of bodies are the ones you see on bodybuilding shows and they’re not attained in a natural way.

The women had nice bodies but they weren’t training hard. They were on the elliptical for 60 plus minutes and didn’t lift weights. Their genetics were the secret weapon.

Those guys and gals are not the averages.

They are the exceptions.

But they distorted my perception of reality and made me almost fail without even trying.

And it’s the same with most online opportunities out there.

You hear people brag about their success and you think “This is not for me. I’ll never be so successful.”

But, take a step back and see the truth, will you?

What’s the truth?

You shouldn’t compare yourself to them.

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were one week before.

Are you making more money than you did last week?

If yes, great.

You’re on a great path.

If no?

It can happen to anyone.

I didn’t do everything perfect when I started.

But I found a map that showed me the clear path to success.

And if you’re on the same journey as I am, you need all the guidance you can get.

See the map I found here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. One more thing.

I signed up to the gym yesterday and trained in the morning.

What kind of people did I see?

Ordinary folks, like you and me.

No genetic freaks.

Just hard training men and women trying to improve themselves.

If they were online, they’d ignore the gurus and focus on hard work after they’d joined a decent opportunity.

How to overcome your J.O.B. syndrome

Here’s a quiz for you.

Take a look at the 12 things American’s buy below and tell me what you notice.

1. Bowls

2. Adult diapers

3. Legal marijuana

4. High-Deductible Health Care Plans

5. Things from Canada

6. Fast Food Hot Dogs

7. Car leases

8. E-cigarettes

9. A beer named Michelob Ultra

10. Stuff via Mobile Devices

11. Guns

12. Streaming Service Subscriptions

So what did you notice?

Other than number 4, none of the above can be considered an investment.

Spending your hard-earned money on the absolutely necessary is one thing.

But, things like e-cigarettes and marijuana make me wonder what is wrong with most Americans today.

They focus on luxuries instead of investing.

Of course, you’ll treat yourself every once in a while to something nice. You work hard and you deserve it. I personally will go kayaking next week to Glacier Bay, Alaska. But I didn’t miss the big picture when I got started.

What’s the big picture?

You’re an investor first, then a spender.

When you invest your hard earned money first, they multiply down the road.

Later, all you have to do is reap what you sow and enjoy the seeds of your efforts.

It’s that simple.

Are you not sure what consists an investment?

Take a look at the one I invest in.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Let’s rap a bit more about investments.

Most people bring in mind Warren Buffet when they hear “investment” but he’s not a good example.

Buffet feels comfortable waiting 20 years for a company to bring in huge sums of money.

I don’t want millions in 20 years and I know you do too.

So you don’t have to buy Coca Cola or Apple stocks and wait decades.

You can start a simple home business that will give you a nice side income by month one if you are serious.

In my opinion, it’s the choice for you if you don’t want to wait a long time before earning money.

Real Life Catwoman Arrested For Slashing Her Boyfriend

Ever heard of Jocelyn Wildenstein?

She’s a 71-year old, real-life Catwoman. She has done so many plastic surgeries that changed her facial features into those of a cat.

She attacked her boyfriend, Lloyd Klein, a 49-year old designer with scissors one night for God knows what reason.

The whole situation got me thinking.

This woman has millions of “dumb money”.

What’s that?

They’re money you spend on things just for the fun of it.

Rich people are notorious for that.

They’re born with a silver spoon in the mouth or they won billions after they divorced.

Just by pure luck, they end up with fortunes.

But we are not like rich people.

We struggle in life.

We want the freedom they have and we reverse engineer self-made, wealthy people.

And what do they all have in common?

They’re all business owners.

They started their own businesses, stuck with them and made millions of dollars.

So what can you do?

You have two choices.

One, invest in a time machine, go back to the past and make sure your parents become rich before they give birth to you.

Two, you do what the self-made millionaires did and start your own business.

I don’t have a path for choice number one so you’re alone on that.

But I know the best path for choice two.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Contrast Jocelyn with her boyfriend, Lloyd.

He was born in a poor French family and had to fight tooth and nail to become financially independent.

It took him 20 years of working in the brutal world of fashion to become an, as his competitors said, “overnight success”.

All his business choices are stellar, allowing him to live the life of his dreams (with just a crazy girlfriend).

And if you come from humble beginnings, you should develop an investor mindset, like Lloyd did.

The 80-Year Old Stonemason

This is the story of Joe.

Joe is an 80-year old stonemason who lives in a little upstate town.

He’s a stonemason, but not for the people in the town.

He works mainly for city people, that come up for two or three months vacations every summer.

Joe is confused.

“Why don’t the townsfolk hire me for any job? I’m cheap, I always finish on time and I’m the gentlest stonemason around.”

But the problem isn’t his personality or his prices.

It’s his work.

When you and I think of building a stone fence, we like to think of a fine solid work of masonry that will outlast us and Joe a generation or two.

Not with Joe.

Every year, something he has made crumbles.

It seems every single job he ever did will have to be done over again.

The natives of the town, when asked, know where’s the problem.

“That stubborn mule Joe! All these years we’ve told him time and time again that he always puts too much sand in his cement!”

I guess lots of online businesses have too much sand in them, too.

The owners of these businesses just didn’t put enough cement in the business and it falls apart.

Most people fall victim to these sand-stuffed businesses. And when they less expect it, they come crumbling down, making them lose money and having them restart all over again.

What can you do?

You join businesses with a better ratio between the sand and the cement.

Less filler.

More binder.

More of the kind of businesses that have so much good work in them that will stand the passage of time.

You join businesses like this.

Joseph Smith

P.S. In essence, what an online business needs is a kind of above-the-average work.

You know what I’m talking about.

It needs sturdy fundamentals like great commissions, an easy-to-set-up system and a coach dedicated to your success.

All you need to do is work hard.

Do you feel you have what it takes?

Your Opinion Is Irrelevant

God bless Howard Sten.

I was listening to an old audio clip of his show and he cracked me up.

A show listener called him, in order to give “constructive criticism”.

What did Howard say?

“Not necessary.”

“What was that?”

“I said it was not necessary.”

“No, no. You don’t understand. You need my opinion!!”

“No, your opinion is irrelevant. What do I need your opinion for?”

The poor listener tried a bit more, and Howard kept ignoring him.

Then, he dropped an “f” bomb and closed the phone.


Are you’re familiar with the saying “lions never lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”?

Howard did just that.

He does his show, the way he wants.

He doesn’t care about the common man.

He’ll even make fun of the common man if he tries to force his opinion.

And that, my friend, is the attitude you should develop in life.

I don’t suggest you become a psychopath and insult people for the fun of it.

But what I do suggest is to develop a mindset that doesn’t allow people to mess with your decisions.

Whether they’re friends or family, people will try to stop any step you take towards freedom.

And it’s your duty to stop them cold in their tracks and tell them “your opinion is irrelevant”.

When you develop this mindset, you only need a vehicle for your freedom.

Grab the keys for this vehicle today.

Joseph Smith

P.S. After the call ended, Howard further commented:

“Who did he think he is? What has he ever created? If I listened to everyone who just gave an opinion I’d be doomed”.

You can’t make everyone happy.

Common men will get angry with your decisions, and it doesn’t matter.

At the end of the day, you should care about yourself first and foremost.

The best way to do that?

My First Year In Home Business Hell

* November 2010

Clicked an ad.

It was a network marketing company. Commissions were good. Work from home fitted my personality (I hated driving to work) and I’m a leader, not a follower.

I joined.

* December 2010

I sponsored ten people and everything looked great. Christmas and the New Year were around the corner so we decided to regroup next year.

* January 2011

People are pumped up every new year, ready to achieve their goals. Not Danny and Melanie. They had a chat with friends and family. Turns out it wasn’t a smart choice because being a good employee guarantees a stable job.

* February 2011

Bill loses his job at MacDonald’s so he has to look for a new one. He decides to leave the team and promises to get back sometime in the future.

* March 2011

The rest of the team fills me with excuses. They all find it hard to cold call people and don’t give their very best when they do.

* April 2011

Ashley stops returning my phone calls. I tried to communicate with her five days straight. Up to this day, I have no idea what happened. Her Facebook updates indicate she’s alive and “feels blessed” with her work at Walmart.

* May 2011

My team makes some sales which is good. But they also complain it was way harder than they thought.

* June 2011

Joshua goes away for the summer.

“I’ll be back after two weeks!” he promises but I don’t believe it.

* July 2011

Sherryl finds a job as a teacher in Zimbabwe. She asks if it’s possible to act as a representative of the company there. It wasn’t, so she also stops.

* August 2011

The rest of the team decides to take a summer break and we promise to regroup on the first of September. Unlike December, this time I’m not hopeful.

* September 2011

Gary and Misty, an elderly couple that joined together are forced to quit. Gary lost his consciousness during work and the doctor prescribed rest. He also suggested to not juggle too many things at once. Work had to stay, his own business had to go.

* October 2011

Derrick and Tina, the last two, also quit. Their morale was low with everyone else quitting. They went back to their jobs and I’m left without a team.

* November 2011

The company gets flagged as an MLM by the government and they shut it down. Now, I have to start all over again.


And that was my first year of hell.

Looking back, is there anything I’d had done differently?

Of course.

I would make crystal clear to anyone that you need to work hard. This is not a walk in the park. They all think you press a button and the next day you’re a millionaire.

After that?

I’d join a trustworthy opportunity.

One that will not close one year from now.

One that’s been around for years and it’s built on solid fundamentals.

If you find an opportunity like that, join without a second thought.

It’s what you need for your financial succes.

To see the one I suggest, go here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. Something else I forgot.

If you read the whole message you’ll notice a trend.

If somebody stopped, I’d not try to find another person to join.

That was a bad choice.

Nowadays, I’m in constant search for winners.

I want them in my team, I teach them everything I know and we go forward together.

Your Eureka Moment

It’s been 8 months since I started marketing online.

I was in my study watching out the window.

When my time is going to come? How much more is it going to take?

I was ready to stop struggling.

I was ready for my big break.

But I would go on to struggle for 2 more years before it would happen.

2.8 years.

That’s how long it took me to find the right system, the right team and the right mentor.

Good thing about those eureka moments…

Even if you fail over and over you only need one of those to live the rest of your life in style.

Create Your Own Eureka Moment!

Joseph Smith