The 80-Hour work week behind the 4-Hour one

Do you like the idea of a 4-hour work week?

I love it.

I mean enjoying life, with minimal stress while working 4 hours per week?

Sign me up.

Yet the idea behind it misguides lots of people.

And it misguides you.

What do I mean?

When you hear “4-hour work week” you think of the end result.

And subconsciously, you believe 4 hours per week will be enough for you to reach your goals.

Here is the truth Tim Ferriss and every other lifestyle guru wish you never find out.

Before you reach the 4 hour work week lifestyle, there’re months and even years of working up to 80 hours per week.

Of course, if Tim named his book “The 80-hour Work Week” it wouldn’t become a New York Times Bestseller.

He knows this is true and he has even admitted it in his later interviews.

Does this mean you’ll have to overwork yourself to death before living the dream life?


You see, back in the days, Tim didn’t have access to the systems needed to automate his business.

He went through lots of trial and error and literally had to fail forward.

Today he has systemised his business but wishes he was starting now – he would have saved lots of time.

And guess what?

The same systems Tim wishes were in place when he got started in 2002 are the ones included in thefearlessmomma.

They won’t serve you on a silver platter the 4 hour work week.

You still need to work hard.

But they’ll minimize any amount of time wasted and give you the roadmap for the lifestyle you want.

Whether that’s working 4 hours per week or even 2.

Grab them here.

Joseph Smith

P.S. In a recent interview, Tim commented on how he busts his ass whenever he is working on a project.

He’ll even use nootropics and performance enhancing supplements to keep himself sharp and productive for as long as possible.

When he is finished with the project, he enters a “maintenance mode” and reaps the rewards.

What do you notice?

He’s doing what I told you he does.

He works hard and then lets his systems do the work.

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