I Didn’t Invent Capitalism, I only play by it’s rules

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, perhaps the most well-known comic in the world.

Yet, Adams is also a successful businessman and his book “How to fail at almost everything and still win big” is full of nuggets for anyone interested in succeeding and making lots of money.

On chapter three, he shares his first business lesson ever.

Adams, twenty-one at the time, wearing a cheap looking suit, was on a plane to California.

Next to him was a businessman in his early sixties. Out of curiosity, Scott asked him what his job was. Turns out he was the CEO of a big company. He liked Scott and so gave him his first lesson in business:

“Every time I get a new job, I immediately start looking for a better one.

The way I look at it, I don’t owe my current boss any loyalty.

He can fire me any time.

So what do I do?

I keep my options open, always looking for a better opportunity.

I didn’t invent capitalism – I’m only playing by its rules.”

Scott took his advice at heart.

And since then, he kept looking for the best opportunity he could find.

And he found it.


Now he is the boss.

Both he and this elderly businessman are right. You must never rely too much on your current job. Everything seems fine for a while. And then, one day, you are replaced by a guy or gal who is younger and gets paid way less than you.

Your boss didn’t invent capitalism.

Yet he will play by its rules.

He won’t care about you.

And before the time comes, what should you do?

You should tip the odds in your favor.

Joseph Smith

P.S. One more thing Scott realized on his flight?

The importance of systems.

If the businessman had as his goal a good job in a decent company, he would either have been replaced or hate his life.

The businessman had a system.

A system of always being on the look-out for decent opportunities.

It was this mindset which allowed him to succeed in life.

And if you want to be successful in anything you do, guess what?

You also need to search for decent opportunities.

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